Hello and Welcome!

Oh the pressure of a first post and what to write. Well over the next few weeks my plan is to write a few posts that are a bit more interesting than this one! But first things first and a bit of housekeeping.

My “About Me” section sums me up pretty well and my writing motivations so have a click in that section if you want to find out a bit more about minion me. But I guess the biggest question to answer is – why launch my blog today? – well there is a simple answer to that. I have now started a new chapter in my BJJ adventures. I am now a proud owner of a blue belt in BJJ!

Blue belt me and my fab female training partners

My biggest regret as a white belt was never recording my BJJ journey properly. I was incredibly lucky and ended up training across the UK as well as in New York, LA and Las Vegas. You can see from my training with awesome people page that I have…….well I have trained with some awesome people! This blog gives me a chance to correct that error.

Plus let’s be honest – Blue Belt has one of the highest dropout rates in BJJ. The novelty of starting BJJ has past, the focus of achieving your blue belt has been achieved, your now one of those people who the higher white belts want to tap, you’re not the top of the food chain anymore in competition….the list goes on. Hopefully this blog won’t just help keep me on track and give me a place to reflect but it will also give me a place to share bits and pieces other people might find helpful including perhaps the occasional rant.

For Every Blue Belt that Quits Rickson Gracie Kills a Kitten

So more posts to follow but for now I’m going to celebrate getting my belt before the reality of getting back to training tomorrow! 🙂

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