Article From Dominyka Obelenyte on Equality in BJJ

#EqualPayforBJJ If you pay any sort of attention to social media you will have noticed a lot of discussion regarding the lack of equal pay for female BJJ competitors (#EqualPayforBJJ). World’s Double Gold champion Dominyka Obelenyte has written a brilliant article explaining exactly why the campaign exists which you can read here.

The article makes several great points regarding the current situation in the sport and how things can be improved. As a female BJJ blogger I feel more than obliged to share information on campaigns like this. I don’t believe it will change the attitude towards women in BJJ overnight nor do I think the female game will suddenly have better prizes and packages. However, female BJJ has been constantly evolving (and continues to do so in the UK). At first women fought with men, then it was all belts, sizes and ages together, then women had belt division and now we are starting to see more weight categories being offered right down to the local level competitions. All these changes happened because people asked for it and supported the changes. So check the article out and feel free to let me know what you think – if you agree with the campaign you can offer your support via the online petition


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