Bath Time Favourites – BJJ Hygiene

This post is very much part review but also part tips and tricks. Hygiene is a really important part of BJJ and grappling and nobody want to catch gym germs. But for a female there is a whole extra layer of things to think about including its smell and how it affects the skin so here is a few of my favourite products for female grapplers to keep us not only clean but girlie fresh! Plus let’s be honest I like to enjoy my baths as a little bit of “me” time not just as something functional!

So some of my go to BJJ Bath time favourites…….

bowl-of-epsom-salt-with-scoop Epsom Salt Baths – I used to spend a fortune on muscle soak baths (which are mainly Epsom salt) until I started making my own bath salts. I bulk purchase Epsom salts from amazon and then either use them with other bath products or make my own salts. My recipe is roughly ⅔ Epsom salts, ⅓ sea salt and a couple of tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda with whatever oils I want to add whether its tea tree and eucalyptus for their antibacterial qualities or lavender to relax and smell nice. On hot bath with these in and whatever else you like to have for a relax bath – candles, music etc. and you’re set to go! My only advice is Epsom salts can dry out your hair so it you need to wash it use a separate water source / jug and a bit of extra conditioner! Obviously they can also be used to help with weight cutting but that’s a different blog. My go to place for buying Epsom Salts is Amazon where prices vary depending on supplier and the amount purchased.

warrior soapIdee Pure Warrior Soap – Mr Munki was provided some of this to review so I had to steal some of it! I prefer the warrior soap to the athlete one as it smells nicer but if you want a solid soap for on the move you can’t go wrong this one . Each soap comes in a resealable shower pack and all Idee Pure Soap is totally ethical (100% vegan, no animal testing). Its packed with useful essential oils including lemon and lime oils for their antibacterial, anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties (plus it apparently helps with cellulite too!) as well as rosemary and ginger oils to help with any bruises and for muscle pain relief. Idee Pure sponsor a range of events so you will see it on the circuit or you can buy it in their online store for £3.99 a bar.

knackered-cow-relaxing-bath-and-shower-gel-by-cowshedCowshed Knackered Cow Bath and Shower Gel – Simply put this is a product for when you’ve had one of those training sessions! It mixes brilliantly with some plain Epsom salts if you haven’t had the time to make up your own mix! Its designed to relax and cleanse with a mix of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. The lavender soothes the muscles whilst the eucalyptus has great cleansing and antiseptic qualities. Its available at a range of stockists including boots and retails for around £18 a bottle.

nspaN-SPA Body Scrub – Believe it or not one of the best times to exfoliate is after exercise as all your pores are open making it a prime time to remove those dead cells and encourage healthy and happier skin. I try to do it once a week in the shower (usually in the shower) and find the N-SPA range a good prices options. They do various scrubs so pick a fragrance to suit your needs. I loved the lime one but that seems to have been discontinued so my next purchase will probably be the eucalyptus and sea salt one. Available in Asda for £3-5 but there often on special offer!

foot scrubBareFoot Lemon and Sage Foot Scrub – We all know our feet take a lot of abuse on the mats and we still want reasonably good-looking feet so I try to treat them once a month. This scrub provides a light exfoliation whilst being stuffed with lots of useful stuff including tea tree which is a great antiseptic and sage oil with has antifungal properties. Its available from Superdrug at £4.25 a bottle.

dry-showerMuc-Off Dry Shower – Not for your bath time rituals but when at competitions or visiting other gyms shower options may be limited. Baby wipes are one option but I also love this product. It contains no nasty chemicals, is antibacterial and leaves you smelling of coconut! You simply rub the foam over yourself and either leave it to dry or wipe it off with a towel. Genius! You can buy it online direct for Muc-Off as well as other retailers (£7 for 500ml)

I hope you find these suggestions useful and please let me know of any “must have” products you use.


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