R Bars – Review

Protein bars are serious business in our household we spend some serious money on trying to find the healthiest and best tasting one. Unfortunately a lot of the ones I like come from America which makes them too expensive to use frequently. This is where R Bars come in as they are produced in the UK (Sussex) making them more cost friendly but it also means you can “buy British”.

I was tipped off about these bars by one of my training partners who is also probably the best protein bar dealers in the gym (like I said we take them seriously). From that recommendation I deliberately went and bought every flavour to test! These bars are high protein (20g per bar) but relatively low carb (10g) and use stevia as their sweetener of choice making them healthier than many other bars on the market. Whilst not necessarily gluten free they don’t contain palm oil, glucose syrup, GMO ingredients or artificial colours, flavourings or sweeteners. 60g-R-Bar-Cookie-So far so good but onto the important bit – Taste! The cookies and cream protein bar tends to be my flavour of choice for comparison purposes. The website description promised “Finest roasted almonds and crunchy white and dark chocolatey pieces, as well as crunchy cookie pieces create a uniquely appealing texture, with an incredibly realistic cookie flavour”. I’ll be honest the flavour was good but I just didn’t get the texture that was promised. The texture was very smooth and soft. Almost like eating a truffle or some type of fudge. Definitely delicious and I suspect some people will love that about them. But I found them far too easy to eat quickly and I missed the “bite” that I like in other bars.

This was the trend of their other flavours. Great tasting (although I found the chocolate peanut caramel slightly missing in the flavour stakes – it just wasn’t what i expected) but all of them had a very smooth texture. For me I just find chunkier chewier textures simply more satisfying to eat. But R Bars have come to my aid! They have now brought out a range of flapjack bars! These bars follow the same stance regarding ingredients but by nature are slightly lower protein (18g) and high carbohydrate (21g). The rolled oat base means these are much denser bars and have a better texture for me. I have only tried the cherry almond flavour but the oats with cherry chunks do go down really well with a cup of tea as an office breakfast / snack!
R bars R Bars are available to order through a range of companies I bought mine from Predator Nutrition who stock both the bars and the flapjacks online  – Click Here


2 thoughts on “R Bars – Review

  1. My fruit/veg intake is terrible, so I eat loads and loads of cereal and fruit bars. The mega cheap ones from Aldi are actually quite tasty (especially the orange ones, plus the apple and carrot ones), which makes me wonder if they’re crammed with lots of sugar rather than lots of fruit/veg.

    Am I reading that site right, and an R Bar works out at around £3 each?


    1. Check the Predator Nutrition link at the end of the blog. They work out at about £1.40 per bar but there are often deals on buying them or some form of discount code flying around. I do like cereal bars etc too but they tend to be more carb than protein which just results in me feeling hungry again far too soon and eating more of them!


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