BJJ Gi Review – Sanabul Essentials Gi v1.0

Edit: May 2017 Please note this review is of the Essentials 1.0. This has since been discontinued and replaced by the V2.0

As all my friends can testify I am a bit of a gi addict. But recently work and life has gotten in the way of my addiction by making me spending money on boring stuff like bills! However, I was on the look out for a new travel or competition gi that would meet my needs as well as suit my pocket. This is where I came across Sanabul.

Sanabul are a new (ish) company that launched earlier this year in the states. They sell all of their stock via Amazon but do have their own website. In terms of BJJ Sanabul has an exclusive gi contract with Rigan Machado who is obviously a bit of a legend so I figured with that type of endorsement they may be worth checking out further.

As you know gi companies make different promises and have their own unique blurb. This is taken from their website and Amazon page regarding their Essentials Gi:

  • Ultra light weight Pearl Weave fabric perfect for a summer training, competitions.
  • Tapered athletic cut without all the excess gi material and bagginess of a tradition gi.
  • Reinforced stitching in the jacket and pants
  • Lightweight pants with contrasting gusset, Rope drawstring
  • IBJJF approved
  • Antimicrobial and Anti Odor treatment helps to prevent the spread of bacterial and fungal infections.

In terms of price point it sells on for between $64-$79 depending on size. Although the real beauty with is that it does all the shipping, currency conversion and import tax calculations up front for you making it great for a British buyer. My A1 gi including shipping and import tax costs me £60.54 making this a very competitive priced gi that I just had to try.

As with all Amazon orders I got regular updates on my shipping etc and I have to say I was really pleased when my gi arrived sooner than expected! It is a beautiful lightweight gi instantly comparable to my current competition gi (Do or Die Hyperfly) weighing in at approx. 1.5kg.

Sanabul Gi PicsIt has nice blue contrast stitching, tasteful embroidery and lots of space to still look like a clean minimalist gi even with team patches on. I was very quickly falling in love with it when I tried it on. The jacket fitted really well straight out of the bag and in terms of pants they were also just right (long enough but with space for slight shrinkage).

I did have a couple of issues with the pants though. Firstly the knee reinforcements seemed to high up for me (they don’t cover me knees and are more on the thighs). Secondly there were a couple of issues with crotch. Firstly the contrasting colour which whilst looking fantastic might not get past an eagle eyed gi checker (gis are supposed to be of one colour so this is on the board line of what is legal at an IBJJF competition – not something you want to risk in a competition gi!). Also the crotch appeared to hang really low which just felt odd. Although my husband did inform me that its actually not unusual in male cut gis and I just notice it more due to my lack of “box”!

Sanabul TopSanabul Pants

However when I put the jacket on it did cover the “crotch issue” and several of my team mates comments on my new gi both because it looked good and because I’d gotten hold of brand they hadn’t seen before (an achievement in itself!).

In rolling the gi performed really well. It is a very soft gi which meant that whilst there was no nasty friction for me it was incredibly huggable and more importantly grip-able. Grip breaking isn’t one of my strongest areas and when people had hold of this they certainly weren’t letting go! I also tested it during an unusually warm period in the UK. It was as promised a very lightweight and cool gi but as it got sweatier it did soak up the moisture like a sponge adding to its grip-ability.

So how did it wash and wear………

Gi Vital Statistics

Out of the Bag  After 3 Washes
Body Length  71.5cm 70.5cm
Body Width  50.5cm  46cm
Wing Span  153cm  145cm
Sleeve Length  53.5cm  50cm
Cuff Width 15.5cm  15.5cm
Inside Leg 66cm  64cm
Outside Leg  93cm  91.5cm
Pant Width 21.5cm 21cm

*3 Washes = cold wash, tumble spin and air drying. For Gi Map click here.

As you can see there was reasonable shrinkage on the gi. Whilst it still fits it is now very much on the borderline for a competition gi checker. Although it looks perfectly fine for training. I must add that on their website it does cover that they are not pre-shrunk and that they can be custom shrunk. I would just advise potential buyers to look at the sizings carefully and potentially buy the next size up if unsure so that they can shrink it to size.

UntitledI also found after wearing it and washing it just the once that some of the stitching had come a little loose. Now a few loose threads does happen but I was gutted to see that the main embroidery on the chest had come away. Whilst not major it resulted in a quick email to Sanabul to raise the issue and to see what they suggested.

I have to say the customer service was brilliant. I not only did I get a vey quick response email but I was also given a number options including a free refund. Everything is was dealt with professionally and I really wouldn’t worry about buying from this company from a customer services perspective (this is also backed up by a range of reviews on Amazon).

Considering the high grip-ability of this gi and the potential queries regarding it being IBJJF competition legal this isn’t the next competition gi for me. For me it is a fantastic travel and summer gi that I simply love having in my current rotation. Whilst I was disappointed with the fault my gi developed the customer service was first class and with its current price point I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it as a gi to add into your collection.

Edited (24th May 2017) – I have been messaged by Sanabul asking me to remove this blog due to the version 1.0 being discontinued which is why I have added the amendments above and below this post. Whilst I appreciate their opinion that this review may not be helpful to their customers I also believe in leaving it to my readers to decide for themselves. As i advise with all gi purchases please check the suppliers own sizing guide before ordering as my blog only ever refers to my own size and experience at the time.

For information on their latest gi range visit Sanabul


9 thoughts on “BJJ Gi Review – Sanabul Essentials Gi v1.0

  1. Hi Marie,

    We wanted to let you know that we took into consideration your feedback regarding the fraying and we have implemented compact-stitching embroidery to our newest shipment of Essentials gi’s (Sept 2015). That should help prevent any fraying from occurring as the stitching is much tighter and very densely woven.

    Team Sanabul

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  2. Thanks for commenting and letting me know. Once again proving your great customer service! I’ll definitely look at buying from you again in the future. It’s proven to be a great gi in a hot gym this summer!


  3. Any feedback about being IBJJF legal? I need a new gi for my 1st tournament and this is a contender. I would hate to show up to find out its illegal.


    1. I’ve not worn it for competition but speaking to other peeps I’d say it was borderline due to the difference in colour at the crotch. Some gi checkers said it was ok but others said they’d reject it as the rules state one colour.

      It may be worth messaging them to see if this latest batch still has the two tone pants. Sorry I can’t be of more help.


  4. Thanks Marie. I wrote to them on Amazon and their website. I will write back and be more specific about the two tone pants. Hope they will reply soon.
    Great review by the way. Makes me want to buy them. I usually train with no gi and dreaded my old gi which was very uncomfortable. I hope to have my 1st competition soon in Taipei. Wish me luck.

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  5. Hi Marie and friends,

    Just wanted to let everyone know that we have discontinued the original Essentials Gi and now have the v.2 of the gi. The Essentials v.2 is completely revamped with a new size chart, pre shrunk fabric, improved embroidery and a few other details. Basically, this is a very different gi now (MUCH MUCH BETTER) but still the same price range!


  6. I am new to the BJJ world and I am currently
    Using the Gi I was given I am looking for a new one As a woman would you say there are “feminine cut” gi’s And if so are they worth investing it, or is it more of a “one cut fits all”? I think I’m hoping there is something a little more streamlined because they seem so big in the “package” area and under the arms . Obv I’m not as broad chested etc as guys. I would love to hear any and all suggestions you have?! Thanks so much! Please feel free to email me if possible


    1. Check out my latest review of the Gr1p Ara for a slender cut gi or my female resource page as that lists all the companies I know make female friendly cuts.

      Alternatively drop me a line via my contact me with your height, weight and budget and I’ll try and make some suggestions. 😊


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