93 Brand “Donuts” Rashguard

I was first introduced to the 93 Brand through their collaboration with Meerkatsu who created their choking hazards range and through my part time grappler friend Liam who had reviewed some of their gis. So I knew they produced some really nice grappling gear and was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to test out their new rashguards for Rollmore.

My Rashguard arrived after a great weekend of training so it was the perfect Monday pick me up! I’d requested a women’s large. I’m always slightly nervous re women’s Rashguard sizes as they do vary between brands. I needn’t have worried it fitted fabulously. For readers information I’d describe myself as a UK size 12 and I like my rash guards to be slightly loose on the torso.

Donuts Rashguard detailsAll the graphics are sublimated and nicely done. The stress points are doubt stitched and instead of rubberising the waist has triple stitching to provide grip without the irritability that rubber can cause. The material was thick enough to know that this was a quality product but not too thick to make me think that this would keep too warm or overheat.

There was only one way to test this Rashguard and that was to throw it into the deep end of my Monday competition session – easily the hardest and most sweaty session of the week! In the first session it performed superbly! It stayed in place and still looked good when I took off my gi. In fact an unrealised bonus was that as it is dark navy there was no obvious sweat patches or areas which at least made my torso look cool at the end of the session. It had also done an impressive job or whisking away my sweat during the session as my body and guard were impressively dry compared to the state of my gi!

In donut RashguardThe Rashguard was further tested through a couple more classes including another competition class and my Saturday marathon (a class and a open mat session) to make sure it was washed and rolled in 3-4 times before finishing this review. Each time it performed similarly. Not too hot, stayed in place, dealt with the sweat and still looked good as I took my gi off.

I wash all of my rashguards with my gis so cool wash, spin and air drying / drying on the radiator. This Rashguard has a slightly higher neck than most of my others. In fact I’ve only had one similar cut to this before and I found the neckline warped after a couple of washes. No such problem here! The fit is still great with no signs of stretching. Similar there was no warning signs of bobbling that often can happen due to gi friction.

Overall 93 Brand have produced a great all round rashguard. Simply great looking, hard wearing and available in a male and female cut. There isn’t much more you need in an all round piece of training kit. Especially as some of my friends were envious of the donuts design and asking me how to get hold of one!

My Rashguard was sent to me by my friends at Rollmore. You can buy the Rashguard from them for $54.99 (approx £38) with free shipping from within the U.S. Although they do ship overseas and offer great communication and customer service for any queries re sizing. Additionally Rollmore have now launched a UK site where you can get a range of 93 Brand goodies.


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