Xmas Gift for Grapplers

Christmas 2006I know, I know it’s only November! But this week was my pay day which is my signal to sort out my Xmas shopping for my nearest and dearest. Having a hubby that trains does make present shopping slightly easier but not that much! Rash guards and Gi’s are obviously always appreciated but there always subjective due to different personal tastes as well as having a bigger impact of your gift budget but what else can you buy? Obviously some these are from a female perspective but here’s some suggestions regarding potential gifts and stocking fillers. 

Jewellery – Every lady likes a little bit of Jewellery although these may also appeal to the men in your life! With the QALO Silicone Wedding Rings you can make sure you “put a ring on it!” Qalo Rings It may sound an odd gift but as a married grappler who can no longer wear her wedding ring due to finger injuries this is a gift that makes sense!

But if your after something a little different then Destiny Forever may be for you. Enson Inoue is a fighting legend and a BJJ Black Belt. His company Destiny Forever make beautiful handmade bracelets. That’s not all the profit go to support those affected by the March 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.

Creative Gift Vouchers  – Now I know gift vouchers aren’t them most creative gift most of the time. But a loving created gift voucher for items such a tournament entry, sports massage or for a private lesson with your instructor are the sort of gifts that are always appreciated! You can even find a range of templates online to create your own. 

Subscriptions – Potentially less inspired than a personalised and creative gift voucher but the BJJ world has lots of options including magazine subscriptions such as Jiu Jitsu Style as well as a host of subscription sites including MG in Action, Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Digital Grappling and Flow Grappling.

Beauty –  I’ve recommend top beauty buys in a previous blog which mentions a host of high street favourites so BJJ supporting companies like Idee PureIdee Pure Soap in my Bathroom shouldn’t be overlooked as potential stocking fillers. However a specific area to consider is a hand care package. Worn, tired and battered hands are a grappling hazard but you may be able to treat your nearest and grappler both with some incredibly useful and funky finger tape as well as hand balm – I recommend Badger Balm as its organic, unisex, moisturising and healing. I’m also always open to offers of manicures, pedicures and some new nail varnishes lol!

Artwork – BJJ is blessed with a range of great artists and artwork options. Gable Grip Ludwig PrintEtsy has a host of local artists to choose from whether its a print showing , a print featuring your favourite quote or a poster listing your favourite chokes then you’ll find them all here! Other artists you may want to check out include Meerkatsu , BJJ Posters and Ludwig

The Grapplers Gift LogoKeyring’s and other Stuff – Sites like The Grapplers Gift provide a one stop shop for individuals struggling to buy for their beloved grappler and provides the perfect source of stocking fillers through to gift hampers. But If you have the time you can source your own there is a host of other random BJJ themed items out there ideal for gym secret Santa including female focused keyring, ranked wristbands and even cauliflower ear mugs!

I hope you find this article useful and get some inspiration to make Xmas shopping less painful although before you dash off remember it’s Black Friday on the 25th November. I don’t recommend venturing out to the chaos of the sales but I do recommend checking out the range of online sale that a host of BJJ companies have!

6 thoughts on “Xmas Gift for Grapplers

  1. Thanks for the mention another well thought out article we will be posting this on our FB page, we’re considering doing a sticking filler gift so any ideas would be appreciated 🙂


    1. Thanks for sharing the blog. I’m glad you like it and always appreciate people sharing and feeding back on my random posts.

      Grapplers are tricky but to keep it something that both the guys and the girls would like think of themes – I mentioned hand care in my blog but other ideas could include relax and recover, comp prep or post comp treats (think work and reward for that one lol!). Also remember price ranges secret santas suggestions through to more whole stocking efforts.

      In fact consider packaging them in a stocking (most males I’ve met seem rubbish at wrapping so save them a job / the embarrassment!) 😜

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That could deffinatly be an idea, we have items like the Saviour tea or even some My Protein items. One of our biggest sellers is the Whisky Wolf soap and our waterbottle. Would you mind posting these ideas on our FB page on the shared post?


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