Happy BJJ Christmas – Daley Thompson! 

daley thompson So what has Daley Thompson got to do with BJJ? The simple answer is not a lot! But sometimes our motivations come from our roots and our earlier influences. Daley is a legendary British athlete, he broke and rewrote the rules during the 80s due to his attitude and approach to his sport (Decathlon). One of his famous quotes is how he trained not once but twice every Christmas Day as he knew that his opponent would be resting! And I’ve remember it since I was young teenage javelin thrower.

 And now you might see the festive link as this morning as this post is going live I am just finishing enjoying the xmas day open mat at Factory BJJ!

I’ll be honest I didn’t go because I’m trying to show how tough I am but basically because training at my gym is fun and there is nothing like a few rolls to make you enjoy your Xmas dinner more! What better way to spend part of Xmas day than jits and giggle with some your jits family. Plus I’ve missed out on this Factory tradition for the last few years due to illness!
So whatever you are doing today whether training, spending time with friends and family or devouring that big box of chocolates. Take a moment to wish Daley Thompson a “Happy Christmas” as well as to all the BJJ Minions out there!

I’ll leave you with one more classic motivational Daley quote and a Happy Christmas everyone!

“In sport, if you want to be the best you have to compete against the best – I would much rather have come tenth and be judged against everyone than come first and be judged against just a few.”


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