Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Minion I hope you’ve been having a fabulous festive break and a cracking New Year Celebration! Anyone who knows me personally know that I have a habit of getting a little bit reflective deep and meaningful regarding the last year over my birthday (which was a few weeks ago). But a thank you post doesn’t fit that well in mid December so I’ve held this post back until the New Year.

Im not crying I have had an amazing year in terms of my BJJ and adventures. It’s been full of changes (new belts, new gym, new goals) and challenges (new belts, new gyms, new goals)!  But despite the odd tear and tantrum everything has generally been positive and for that I have lots and lots of people to thank! I could very easily do a massive Oscar worthy thank you speech and when I first drafted this post it also got far too long, thoughtful and reflective and basically I don’t want anyone’s screen to give off dust!

So I will keep it short and simple –    
And a few pictures that sum up my year! 

Time to look forward to a fabulous 2016!


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