Fusion Fight Gear – Top Gun Rash Guard

If you haven’t heard of Fusion Fight Gear then you are seriously missing out! They have the license to produce a whole range of retro TV and film themed grappling kit. I was particularly lucky this Xmas / Birthday with my hubby giving me both the Rocky and Top Gun rash guards. This review is going to focus on the Top Gun version.

Top Gun was one of the classic movies from the 80’s and what else sums up those hard training sessions better than “Danger Zone“?!? In fact feel free to click on the last link and listen to the video whilst reading this review to remind you of how awesome a movie Top Gun was!

I was given the navy version (which was my favourite) although it is also available in black. Top Gun Rash Guard The design itself is relatively plain on the front featuring the classic movie logo whilst the back is a fuller version of the US Fighter Weapons School Logo.

In terms of sizings its only available in small, medium, large and extra large. I’m a UK size 12 female and am pictured wearing the medium which is a little baggy on the chest area but fits well. I do have the small version of the rocky rash guard which fits a little more snuggly. Either size is suitable it’s just case of how you like your rash guard to fit.

The rash guard has full sublimated printing so there is no danger of any of the logos wearing off and it has tough flat lock stitching to help with wear and tear. It doesn’t have elastic or similar in the body to prevent it riding up but to be honest I didn’t find that a problem. Probably partly to do with wearing it with gi pants but also because is had a good body length.  I have worn my guard several times under the gi and found its washed and worn generally really well keeping its shape (especially around the neck). Top Gun bobbling

There is some slight bobbling at the top of my neck between my shoulder blades (gi rub) but it not really noticeable as you can see in the picture without zooming in. Essentially this is a thick long sleeved rash guard so whilst long lasting and high quality you may find it a little warm under a gi. Perfect for the British winter but depending on your preferences I’m predicting it will be a little warm in the summer! However for no gi peeps I suspect its a perfect style statement especially as there are matching spats available!

Overall Fusion Fight Gear have produced a great rash guard range and are a must for any grappler with a love of classic 80’s and 90’s TV and films. I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for what they bring out next! If your based in the US or Canada you can buy direct from Fusion or in the UK via Old Munki Grappling Emporium.


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