Judo for BJJ – Becoming a more well-rounded grappler

I’ve previously blogged about why people who do BJJ should train Judo on this site so regular readers will know that I love my Judo training and for me its just part of my grappling training.

Following the Europeans I have taken some time out of competition mode to broaden my game as well as to look at some other aspects of my grappling Judo included. This included training in some more traditional judo and working towards completing the next step on my judo journey – my brown belt!

Me and Sophie - brown belt grading I was thrilled to receive my brown belt this Easter weekend not just because my coach Sophie genuinely makes you work for them but because I was able to grade alongside my fellow “Team Cox” original Judo student and good friend Liam (who’s been mentioned several times this blog) and also because it was at the Factory BJJ Judo session which meant several of my training partners were there to celebrate with me. It felt great to receive it surrounded by so many of my grappling family!Team Cox Originals

Now although this might sound impressive from a BJJ perspective I am more than slightly aware that it really is not! There are a growing number of Judo brown and black belts in the blue belt division now as well as some greater wrestlers and that’s before everyone who hasn’t graded! So I am really not that unique but simply just trying to keep up and stay competitive! It also now means a few more judo competitions in my future in order to get that black belt!

You’ll have noticed at the start of this blog I referred to Judo as part of my grappling and I deliberately did so. The reality is my Judo helps my BJJ, my BJJ helps my judo newaza and they’ve all helped me to become a better grappler. This became more noticeable to me when I took some wrestling classes over the last couple of months. I am in no way a natural wrestler and I’ve struggled with lots of things but there were a few moves that I was ok at. Those parts were due to my judo and BJJ experience and showed me that somethings do transfer accross. I have a long way to go before I become a well rounded grappler but a minion has to have her aspirations! 

So I’ll leave you with this interview that took place about two years ago with John Danaher about what he is striving for in grappling that really explains the concept of a rounded grappler far better than I could:-


6 thoughts on “Judo for BJJ – Becoming a more well-rounded grappler

  1. Heh – nope, still not going to go anywhere near judo. Way too injurious. Though my opinion is no doubt skewed by the fact that when I did decide to give judo a go (before I started BJJ), I got injured in my third lesson and as a result was off the mat for about seven months. 😉


    1. I honestly think its about finding the right coach. I’ve heard stories about some clubs being very much about throw, throw, throw with lots of high intensity randori. Whilst I’ve been taught with some heavy doses of uchikomi (drills) and crash mats. 🙂

      But I agree its hard work on the body but so is wrestling – its the curse of working those takedowns!


      1. Possibly, though my problem wasn’t so much the coach, it was uncontrolled training partners: he somehow messed up my shoulder during some simple drilling of a basic turnover, slamming all his weight in as hard as he could. It’s probably a bit unreasonable of me to avoid judo just because of one meathead beginner, but it’s nevertheless really put me off training a takedown-focused style ever since.

        I haven’t ruled out judo/wrestling etc completely, but it’s something I can only see myself considering after I feel solid with my BJJ. Which will probably be never, given I frequently still feel like a white belt. 😉

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      2. Its always worth exploring the takedown game even if you have no intention of playing it yourself. Just so you know what to expect and how to mess it up! 😉

        As for the white belt feeling – totally know what you mean!


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