Legacy Creative – BJJ Minion Patches!

MinionOver the past few months I have had a few emails through my blog asking if my minion logo was available as a patch.The challenge was finding an affordable option that didn’t want mass quantities producing. My minion design isn’t something I’ve done for the mass market so I didn’t want to be stuck with 100’s of patches. This is where Legacy Creative was brought to my attention (disclaimer – I have to give credit to my husband for finding them as he claims I never give him credit!).

Legacy Creative are a UK based firm and have done a range of work within the BJJ community including designs and work for the lovely Grapplers Gifts. What unique is that you can even order a single unique patch for as little as £3.50 making them ideal for small quantities as there is no set up fees. Additionally there isn’t any additional charges for colour making them ideal for my minion! My husband decided he also wanted to get some patches made so we emailed them regarding a joint order for 20 patches. They were  really responsive and came back with a bulk order price making them even better value for money. There was a short delay in order due to me getting my artwork ready but as soon as I had sent off my designs we had proofs came through within a couple of days and the final patches came through only four days later. Making the process super speedy.

BJJ Minion Patch Picture I was rather excited when my patches arrived in a thick heavy duty plastic package (so no risk of damage) but my hubby got to them first spoiling the initial fun for me! All the patches are sublimated rather than embroidered but have a strong overlocked edge to ensure they not only look great but are strong and durable. Plus more importantly it was a perfect copy of my design. They were slightly larger than I expect but will fit perfectly on the thigh of my competition gi and I have since ordered some smaller ones to fit a wider range of gi patch spots. The quality was definately equal to many club and company patches that I have seen on a variety of gi’s.

Overall Legacy Creative provide fantastic custom service at a great price. As well as producing patches they also do a range of clothing and gifts designs. If you are interested in getting patches or similar for yourself or your club then I would seriously check them out.

If you like my BJJ Minion patches then make sure you follow me on social media for details of how you can win one of these limited edition patches or visit the support page and buy your own!


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