Why you should attend BJJ Seminars

This week I had the pleasure to attending a double seminar with John Will. For those who are unaware of who is John Will falls into a rare group of Black Belts. As well as being a BJJ legend and part of the dirty dozen. His biggest honour (well maybe not) is that I’ve been lucky enough to train with him every year I’ve done BJJ! Now I’ll be honest John has an awkward habit of visiting the UK just before big competitions so I don’t always have the best attention span or memory for his sessions but despite that I always bring home some gold! So I am not going to give away the technical magic or review the seminar as it was simply top class. So in this blog I’m going to give you my reasons why you should spend your time and money attending BJJ seminars.

Last year I blogged how to get the most from attending a seminar. And those suggestions still stand true as attending a seminar is an investment both in terms of your time and money. So here’s why you should make the effort:

Accelerate Your Training 
Rolling with Sophia at girls in hisIn BJJ knowledge is power. Not just the number of techniques you know but your depth of understanding. A BJJ seminar can accelerate your learning by giving you the opportunity from the source. Yes your coaches at home could teach you the same moves but the level of details and understanding you can gain by learning it from an expert can really help your game come along.

Energise Your Game 
Mackenzie demo bunnyA visiting seminar can really energise your game by exposing you to new techniques and moves. Even if they’re not totally for you they’ll always be a couple of moves to take away focus on and drill. Plus even if they don’t suit your current game it will fit someone into your gym helping to change up and raise game through those tougher training rolls.

Unique Insight
IMG_5122 I mentioned in my last blog the importance of asking questions during a seminar. In a seminar you get the chance to ask a world class grappler about anything you want BJJ related from competition preparation through to technical details.

It’s Social 
UntitledSeminars are a great social experience. Some seminar are really once in a life time due to a number of reasons. Almost like getting the opportunity to see your favourite band or musician before they retire or stop touring! They’ll give you and your teammates stories for years not to mention cool pics for social media. Plus through attending seminars I’ve met new people and made connections that have enable me to train around the UK and internationally.

So there you have my top four reasons to attend BJJ seminars. Feel free to comment or message me if you can think of any more!


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