Xmas Spats Fillers 2016

Last year on the run up to xmas I did a blog to help people looking for stocking fillers for their nearest and dearest grapplers. It was pretty well received so thought I’d do a follow up one this year. Especially as we approach the last payday before xmas and the shopping sales that are Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Similar to last year I will be staying away from Gi’s and BJJ clothing and will focus on alternative gifts to bring a smile to your grapplers face and to make their life a little bit easier. But if you do want to look at gi’s especially for the female grappler in your life then feel free to check out my blog from a few weeks ago.

My new @rainhafw finger tape arrived just in time for the most important night of the week #compclass #gripfight #nowhitetapeFinger Tape
Last year I flagged up handcare as always a potential gift. I’m a big fan of Rainha Fightwears finger tape that comes pre cut and in a lovely tin and think it makes a great gift but your can buy more basic tape. I find Mueller branded tape always a good bet for stick ability but most zinc oxide tape works well.  

UntitledA Good Rucksack
Its all about what you need it for but you can get a great rucksack for travelling from a range of BJJ specific and random companies. Being able to travel to training and competitions in comfort and style with everything you needs is just a gift that keeps on giving! Depending on what you need a bag for I could do a blog of suggestions but I currently have 3/4 bags that I use regularly:- 

  • Osprey Transport 40  which retails for around £40 at the moment (but has a lifetime guarantee). For European competitions / carry on luggage.  Similar bags include Karrimor; The key thing is to check that its dimensions will fit as hand luggage with most budget airlines and you’ll have a gift that will make BJJ adventures that little bit easier! 
  • Hyperfly Pro Gear Bag – For local comps and when I don’t have to pack for more than just the competition.
  • Under Armour “Hustle” –  For general training at the gym.  But if your after a jits brand then Tatami’s Everyday Back Pack is pretty good looking.

Now a gift voucher to your local sports therapist will never disappoint but you could also give a range of things that could help them to do it for themselves. Foam rollers are easily available but also consider peanut rollers and lacrosse balls for those hard to reach areas. If your so inclinded you can even craft a peanut roller for your loved one with duck tape and firm tennis balls. Kinaesthetic tape, epsom salts and arnica cream are also regular items used in our household.

Keeping those Feet Warm
The joy of grappling often means cold gyms and even colder feet so give the gift of warmth this year with a pair of grappling socks – Previously I have had Bad Boy Grappling Socks and have loved them but I couldn’t find any in stock when writing this article. RDX do a similar pair though on Amazon and a few of my training partners admit to just using yoga socks as well.

Oliver Geddes Medal Bag from InstagramManaging their Medals
If the grappler in your life has had a successful year you might want to consider helping them manage their medals. For some people that might be about getting a nicer box for them to be putting or you might want to purchase a medal display to help show off their achievements and perhaps help to motivate them to get back to the gym in the new year! Options can be found on Amazon, Not on the High Street, Etsy and other online retailers.

Books and Podcasts
I’ve done previous blogs about books and podcasts this year. As well as getting gift vouchers for places such as Amazon or iTunes. If you’re after a bigger present there is always the options of purchasing a Kindle, ipod or similar and preloading them up for them.

Hope this blog give you a little bit more festive inspiration and fingers crossed you pick up some great gifts in the sale on Black Friday (25th November).

Picture Credit – Medal bag from the Instagram of the talented Mr Oliver Geddes, Banner Picture from Kevin Dooley


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