Happy Christmas!

friends who chokeLast year I posted a Christmas blog dedicated to Daley Thompson. Similar to last year I am planning to see my whole family including my BJJ family. So before the visits to family. My parents coming to stay and a xmas meal with more food than the table can handle. It will be time to show some festive love and care the way a BJJ family knows best….by choking and tapping each other!

Whether or not your gym is open tomorrow (or today even) isn’t really the point. You can plan rest days and training on xmas day doesn’t have a special magic mojo. It’s just 1/365th of the year! The key thing over xmas is to enjoy what ever you do and to enjoy being with who you do it with! After all…………

Taken at last years training session via GIPHY

Hope you all have an amazing Christmas!


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