BJJ Globetrotters – Compression Travel Bag

I’ve shared some of my travelling tips in a previous blog including my use of compression bags to help get those gi’s to and from the competition clean, dry and taking up as little of my luggage space as possible! My husband spotted that BJJ Globetrotters have brought out a new travel compression bag for this very purpose and bought us both  one. So it made perfect sense as I was packing for my next BJJ adventure to do a quick review for you!

Measuring 41x24x12 cm (16×9.5×4.7 inches) the bag is plain except for the BJJ Globetrotters logo and is built from a tough rip stop material.  The website claims it is build for the “sturdiest material they could find” and it reminds me of the material you find on outdoors wear and outdoor pursuits type items.

Now at the end of the day its a bag so there isn’t much I can say except it does what it say on the tin! The website shows how it can fit a short trips kit into it. Well my test involved by two A1 competition gi’s as you can see from mini slideshow review below:

The bag has done it’s job perfectly and although I couldn’t compress it down (I couldn’t quite do it without risking damaging the zip) it still goes inside my rucksack easily. The bag saves me more packing space than my previous options and I have no doubt it will be taking care of my gi’s for many competitions to come. Priced at $29 with free international shipping it really is a potentially useful piece of kit for anyone who likes to mix travel with their BJJ. It’s also one of those items you really don’t think you need till you buy it. Then you wonder how you managed without it!

If you want to get your hand on one then you can get yours now from the BJJ Globetrotter’s Online Store.


3 thoughts on “BJJ Globetrotters – Compression Travel Bag

  1. I’m not convinced by it yet as I’m not sure it saves much space, but the Leuven camp will be a good test. If that proves successful, I’ll buy another one for Heidelberg. 🙂

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  2. I think it does depend on you size and packing style. My husband is loving his as it compresses his A2 gi nicely.

    I’m not totally convinced on reflection it saves space for me in my bag (as with 2 gi’s it doesn’t compress further) but it does make it tidier / easier to pack my other items which probably saves space in other ways! From that view point it worked well for Barcelona – next test is a long weekend in London 😉


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