Scramble 3-Way Mitsu Holdall – Review

This summer I had to finally admit that my gym bag was giving up the ghost.  Plus the fact I had broken the zip for a second time really made it clear to me! So when my coach (and Scramble sponsored athlete) Adam Adshead did a shout out to pre-order the new Scramble Holdall I thought it was destiny calling me! Even better was that they arrived literally the day after launch – there is nothing better than going training and walking out with new tricks and new kit!

UntitledNow this is not your a grab and go bag. This is a versatile 3-way bag. So you can carry it, throw it over your shoulder or wear it as a rucksack thanks to the discrete shoulder straps. I should say very discrete and is took me a little while figure them out (in my defense it was after training)!

The bag itself is a typical scramble design – subtle and stylish with a lovely grey color.  It’s a robust design that definitely looks like it will survive being thrown around public transport, into car boots and around sweaty gyms. We love our kit, but our kit bags usually do take a battering. Scramble have also managed to keep the design lightweight  with the bag weighing only around 1kg. Please note the BJJ Minion sticker is not standard issue and comes separately! 😉


In terms of size the bag has a 50L capacity and easily fits my gi, rashies, flipflops, belt and the other random bits of kit and toiletries I lug around with space to spare. It also has lots of lovely pockets and compartment to keep things safe including a lined compartment for valuables such as your phone and a separate lower section for shoes or post training sweaty kit. If I folded my gi’s up properly I could fit two in but for normal training it fits one comfortable plus my other spare clothes.

UntitledAs with all bags I’m still getting used to have my kit in a new order and sussing out my favorite new spot for things. Yes, I know that sounds odd but when you’ve had the same bag for a couple of years you become a creature of habit! But i do love it and find it much easier when I have heavier training days and need to include extra clothes for the gym or those double sessions. The only downside is that my hubby has also bought one so we do have two of them sat next to each other in the house! Thank heavens for minion differentiation!

Untitled If you after a new gym bag I would certainly look at grabbing one of these whether for training or competition trips. However, I believe these bags have sold very quickly and that Scramble only has limited stock from the first batch (they usually restock pretty quickly) but if your quick you grab yours on the Scramble website for just £60 


2 thoughts on “Scramble 3-Way Mitsu Holdall – Review

  1. Hi, thanks for the review, very useful.

    Do you think, apart from the normal bjj stuff, you can fit change of clothes/gym clother + towel + trainers?

    I doubt between this bag and the medium hyperfly procomp (72 litres but might be too big).

    Kind regards and keep up the good work!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Joe,

      Glad you liked the review and the site!

      I have managed to fit an A1 gi in with a change of clothes / gym kit, towel and trainers so I think it will do the trick. I used to have a hyperfly procomp when I was thai boxer and it was a great bag but it is massive! Great for competition and all my pads but a bit big for daily use.

      All I would say is consider making sure you folder your kit up and consider using compression or wet bags for post training kit – although one of the front pockets is ideal of stinky bits.


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