Gift Ideas for Grapplers – 2017

Since starting this blog I have done annual Xmas gift idea every November to help grapplers (and their nearest and dearest) to find some gift ideas over Black Friday and beyond. In 2015 I suggested Jewellery, Artwork, Beauty gifts and random stocking ideas. Whilst last year was all about fingers and feet, massage and medals as well as books and bags. So it makes sense to continue the tradition and to share some of the ideas I’ve seen this year!

More #prehab work today this time some cryotherapy. #everylittlehelps #worldmasters #bjj #competior #bjjlifestyle #bjjgirl #frozen #cryotherapyCryotherapy – Cryotherapy is reasonably common in the USA and is increasingly common in the UK with clinic popping up in many major cities. Cryotherapy is essentially a great treatment for niggles and inflammation (something grapplers are quite familiar with!) so a voucher for a session may be a unique and positive experience.

Finishing off a couple "cheat" days then back on it with some fab @fulfil_nutrition & @OhYeahNutr bars from @postedprotein 😉Snacks – Most people love food and I’ve yet to meet a grappler that isn’t into their food and snacks. Consider a range of snack options to help out your hungry grapplers. Ideas could range from physical gifts such as biltong or a mixed box of protein bars but you could also look at gift vouchers or subscriptions to things such as Graze (see below for a discount code) or more substantial offers such as Muscle Foods or a local meal prep service.

Peppermint-480x480CBD oil or balm – I featured CBD oil a few weeks ago on another blog and it is a great supplement for grapplers. However, it can be expensive to purchase a high-quality version so a balm or oil can be a really appreciated gift.

Massage / Bath Oil – I always try and support small UK brands and this blog is no different. The Fight Oil Company are a new UK based company and offer a range of massage and bath oils for relaxation, healing or to help with pre-competition focus. You can buy directly from them using their Etsy store.

It's bank holiday Monday so I had time to upgrade my breakfast this morning. Acai! 😉Acai – not so much a gift but something that you might want to do as a special treat or breakfast is an Acai bowl. Fabled to improve your jiu-jitsu by at least 1%! You can now purchase Acai in the UK from larger Tesco’s, Ocado or the Acai Store online. Add some honey, banana, and granola and you’re on you’re way!

As always remember there is usually a whole host of discount codes usually available over Black Friday (24th Nov) which you may find useful. Also, don’t forget many stores especially the bigger supplement stores and mainstream chains are often on cashback sites such as Topcashback. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs they won’t change your world but every little helps when funding you BJJ lifestyle!

Enjoy your holiday shopping!

Graze – Use code 3NCRPQ9TP and get you our first, fifth and tenth box for free


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