Netflix & ???? – BJJ Style 2018

Every year I tend to do a post to help you get through the Easter Holidays. In the UK Easter Sunday is a bit like Xmas Day in that everything is generally shut but without the great gifts or festive TV. But instead of sharing technique videos I try to share any interesting documentaries or videos I’ve found related to BJJ. You can check out 2017 and 2016 offerings or just dive straight into my latest suggestions. Enjoy!

Hélio Gracie Documentary (subtitled) – As the title suggests a documentary of Helio Gracie.

A Path Less Traveled. Jiu-Jitsu Documentary – A documentary made over 2016 in Oklahoma following five athletes Seth Norman, Janie Meadows, Julia Avila Shumate, Kevin Williams and Derrick Adkins.

The Jiujiteiro – Alexandre Santos is a 4th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, based in Melbourne, Australia. While Jiu Jitsu has provided him with a better life, Alex continually strives to improve himself and those around him, determined in his pursuit of a world masters title.

Building A Better World With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – A TED talk by Frank Curreri in 2016. Frank offers his vision for elevating this life-changing art to the next level and making the world a better place.

The Raspberry Ape Podcast with Brian Jacks – The Raspberry Ape (Daniel Strauss) has recently started making videos of his podcast. This one features UK Olympic Judo legend Brian Jacks.

Creonte Tours Episode 1 – Factory BJJ – I couldn’t not add in this documentary my own club Factory BJJ as it enters it’s 10th Anniversary. If you watch closely you may even see a cameo appearance from myself chatting to my friend Sophie and getting squished by our lovely Black Belt Matt G (so a pretty normal Saturday training session then!)

Gracie vs. Kimura – Last but not leat the only BJJ match of this selection but it is a piece of BJJ history. The match that resulted in the Kimura being called the Kimura!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest selection of videos. Feel free to share any BJJ documentaries  or programmes you’ve particularly enjoyed!


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