Gr1ps Athletics Superlight Gi

UntitledThis year is very much more about BJJ trips and adventures than competitions so I needed a gi to help me on my travels. I have a number of Gr1ps gi’s that I have reviewed on here so on comparing to size charts it made sense to test out their travel option!

Apologies for the delay in this review, I did but this gi in January but its taken a few months for it to be warm enough in the UK and to fit in a couple of training trips to fully test it out!

Superlight overiewThis gi is not IBJJF legal due to the ripstop pants but the mixture of rip stop material makes it superlight (the weight for an A1 gi is approx 1kg).  However, this is a being reviewed as a travel training gi and the white gi with lovely blue contrast stitching and subtle branding makes it ideal for visiting a range of academies and gyms.

The jacket is built as well as any other gi have had. The shoulders and side both have a stylish sublimated quick-dry mesh for comfort and to prevent friction and discomfort. It has triple seams and all the reinforcement you’d expect to ensure it can survive training and rolling and there is taping on the cuff of the jackets and base to prevent rough edges. The contrast stitching ensures this a stylish gi along with clean but strong Gr1ps branding.

Gr1p close up super lightThe pants are similarly well designed with taping at the cuffs and reinforcements in all the right places including the knees etc. Gr1p’s gis always tend to have a padded drawstring that makes for a gi that is easy to tie and this ones no different.

This was a gi I could wear straight out of the bag with no problems but in terms of those all important measurements:

Out of the Bag After 3 Washes
Body Length   73.5 cm 73 cm
Body Width 55 cm 55 cm
Wing Span 157 cm 154.5 cm
Sleeve Length 48 cm 48 cm
Cuff Width  16 cm 16 cm
Inside Leg 69 cm 67.5 cm
Outside Leg 94.5 cm 93.5 cm
Pant Width 22 cm 21.5 cm

*3 Washes = cold wash, tumble spin and air drying. For Gi Map click here.

UntitledGr1ps gi’s tend to be steamed and pre washed to limit shrinkage and this gi is no exception only showing the most minor of shrinkage. Certainly nothing noticeable whilst wearing or rolling. The only downside I found was that this was the first time in testing I had a slight failure in the stitching of a Gr1ps gi. The patch on the pant leg did become slightly undone. Nothing that effected the performance but ultimately I will need to take that patch off as it becomes looser.

UntitledThis is a really light and comfortable gi to roll in. I have had one ripstop gi before I found its major downside was the difficulties in peeling myself out of it after training. But this one is much better fitting and as a result didn’t have that problem. I did get lots of admiring comments on this gi but a word of warning your fellow grapplers will love it for more than just its looks as its so thin it is really easy to grip and manipulate. This means you may working on your lapel guard passing game and choke defenses a little more frequently when wearing it! But as I said to my team-mate this is a fun gi that’s about rolling comfortably in and washing quickly and it fulfils both of those requirements beautifully.

UntitledDespite the slight stitching issues I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this gi to anyone. It’s a great travel gi – light, quick drying and comfortable. Just don’t be tempted to take advantage of its weight the extra weight loss and wear it to a none IBJJF comp which allow them. Any advantage you gain from weight you are passing onto your opponent in gripability and chokeability!

I bought my gi direct from the Gr1ps website where at the time of writing it retails for 129 Euros (roughly £113). But you can also get it at a range of stockists including Amazon. 


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