September Catch-Up Part 2

Whilst I love writing articles for my readers sometimes other people say things just a little bit better than me! Or at least are better placed to say them! So here’s my round-up of the blog, stories and articles you might have missed of the last couple of weeks or I just think you might find useful!

Combat the Pain of Sitting at a Desk All Day – Well and Good
If you enjoyed my recent article regarding low back and SI joint pain this article may be also of interest – covering a range of hip flexior exercises for those of us stuck all day at a desk.

All Belt Levels Will Now be Charged under new IBJJF Rules – Attack the Back
Just in case you don’t have social media – IBJJF have introduced licensing for all belts to compete in their events. This has been on the cards for a while for blue belts since purple belt licensing was introduced last year (blue belts have also needed a license if Brazilian for a number of years). Although the introduction of white belts surprised many. Unsurprising social media erupted and this article pretty much sums up the view points.

Grapplefest 2 Recap & Results – Flograppling
I don’t usually post about events as I’d be writing about them all of the time otherwise but when its only a short distance from our home and features world class grapplers (as well as some BJJ friends) all on Flograppling then its worth a little mention!

BJJ Gi Review
Shoyoroll Batch 83 – Black and White Mamba – A1L Gi Horder
Gi Horder has reviewed both the Black and the White version of the Shoyoroll Batch 83. The link above links to the Black version.

Random Information
Bananas have died out once before – don’t let it happen again – Aeon
Banana’s aren’t just a staple diet for minion there also a key post training snack and part of my diet so I found this article regarding bananas potentially dying out both interesting and disturbing in equal parts!

What I’m listening to….
Digital Gnosis – Loo Funk
Yes this is a podcast by my team mate interview another one of my team mates but if you want a glimpse into some of the random stories and banter in my gym then this is probably a good example. Although disclaimer its not suitable for children or for listening too at work! If Loo isnt your thing there are other interview on there include John Will and other Northern grapplers!

Technical Takeaway
Last weekend was the annual charity seminar in aid of Action for Children at Factory BJJ. I wrote about last years event on my blog and this year’s was themed around the closed guard. But obviously I’m not going to show those techniques (at least until I can do them which will be a rather long time!). So instead I thought I’d share one of the free videos available on Factory Online from Head Coach Adam Adshead.


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