Emergency Christmas Presents (for Grapplers)

You’ve now only got just over two weeks till the big day but life and work have been busy so you haven’t quite cracked that Xmas shopping list. Fear not here are some ideas (with quick delivery) that you can get for that grappler in your life….

Let’s be honest whether its making weight or planning those post-competition cheat meals grapplers can get a little food obsessed. Depending on how well you know them you have three options – staying on track, cheating clean or full out piggy.

  • Staying on Track – not the easiest one to support but you could get a gift voucher for meal prep (such as Kettlebell Kitchen for example) or help them go DIY with a range of kitchen gadgets whether its meal prep containers, chopping tools or kitchen jug scales
  • Cheating Clean@barebells.uk have produced quite possibly the queen of protein bars! An awesome post training treat that's really helped with my cravings and prep to the world masters! Thanks guys! #barebellsla #worldmasters #bjj #competitionprepThis one’s pretty straightforward depending on their individual taste – protein bars, biltong and even protein based crisps are all potentials here – shops like Protein Pick and Mix and Posted Protein are a great first step in making a little hamper of treats for you dearest grappler!
  • Full out piggy is the easiest – just buy whatever their favourite chocolates or snacks are. You can get pre-made hampers and gift packs but literally, you can make your own with a gift bag/box and a trip to your supermarket. Whether its Nutella from the jar (spoon optional) or a bunch of chocolate bars if its packaged with the right type of note and message it’s always a winner!

Coffee and Caffeine
Let’s be honest I don’t know many grapplers that don’t enjoy coffee or a little bit of caffeine either for training or to keep them going at work the next day! coffeeThis opens up a variety of options depending on your grappler’s favourites. Last year my husband got me a Nespresso coffee machine so that I could be suitably caffeinated in work but some Brazilian coffee (available from Amazon but also Morrisons) and a mug could be a great gift. Or if your really short of time a gift voucher to their local coffee shop (both Starbucks and Costa do them as online gifts) could do the trick. If they don’t do coffee then you could bulk buy them their favourite energy drink online – both Protein Pick and Mix and Posted Protein do a selection of UK and USA brands (Muscle Moose and Nocco are my current favs!)

BPA-free water bottles
Refillable water bottles are a great money-saving bit of kit for any gym goer but for BJJ it helps to have one that’s also hard wearing, easy to drink from, big enough to last for long training sessions and easy to keep clean. You can opt for something like this stainless steel canteen or a beast of a bottle to ensure you stay fully hydrated!

warrior soapBath and Beauty
I’ve mentioned bath and beauty products on my blog before but you can find a host of BJJ friendly beauty stores online including the lovely Idee Pure and The Fight Oil Company. But if your after something from the high street you can always pop into Lush Cosmetics and pick up a massage bar for sore muscles, epsom salt based bath bombs and sleepy soothing body creme.

Gift Vouchers and Subscriptions
My first piece of advice is to shop local for these so that they end up being used and do some detective work! My instructor, personal trainer, sports therapist and chiropractor all offer gift vouchers (and are definitely gifts I’ll use) but there are also local cryotherapy chambers and float spas in the area too. I can guarantee there will be someone your grappler uses that will lloyd logooffer a gift voucher.

If your not confident approaching them (despite social media) there are other options beyond the big name instructionals I’ve mentioned on a previous Xmas blog. One example is Leg Lock with Lloyd an instructional from the Yorkshire Gripper and one of the UK’s best leg lockers. Or take your pick from the range of instructionals on Digitsu.

BJJhobbiesTime Away from the Gym
This is going to sound really weird coming from a BJJ blog but if your struggling for grappling related gifts focus on their lives off the mat. Yes, for some people that’s easier than others but encouraging us to be rounded individuals is never a bad thing! So perhaps it’s a gift voucher to go to the movies, an iTunes voucher, a kindle voucher or perhaps audiobooks that’ll listen to in the car (Audible) there may be other things that will be equally as appreciated.

Plus always remember at the end of the day Christmas is not all about the presents – it’s the thought that counts and being able to spend time with friends and family!

Photo Credit – BJJ Eastern Europe, Reddit


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