Free BJJ Instructional Videos

gremlinyoutubeXmas is just around the corner and whilst we love the time with our nearest and dearest there comes a point where we are missing our BJJ fix. Plus festive TV can only keep you entertained for so long! There are some great paid for instructional sites but it is the season of giving so this blog is focusing on some of the best free sites and YouTube channels for BJJ instructionals.

BJJ Globetrotters in Action – The majority of their camp sessions are filmed and posted online for free. This means a selection of great content by a range of instructors so there will be something for every taste and skill level.

Jason Scully YouTube Channel – Jason Scully is behind the paid for Grapplers Guide Resource. However, his YouTube Channel has a host of small but sweet technical videos for your enjoyment.

BJJ Scout – His identity is unknown (well maybe) and as well as doing some great news digests he also has some great technical breakdowns.

Stephan Kesting YouTube Channel – Stephan Kesting is the man behind Grapplearts which produces a range of interesting BJJ content via podcast, email and youtube so it’s no surprise that his channel has a range of content.

Bernardo Faria BJJ – Bernardo shares a lot of content via his Instagram page but also this YouTube channel. He often brings in guest instructors so there is a wide range of content and I’ve found more than one or two pieces of gold on there!

YTT_Header_CrestI’m also going to use this blog to plug a friends endeavour – if you enjoy learning techniques of YouTube and are guilty of spending far too many hours going down the rabbit hole of Youtube techniques then you may want to check out! Their merchandise will either be a great last minute gift or something to start your January training in style! Alternatively just laugh at the rubbish they post on Instagram!

(PS I can promise I’m getting nothing from this link – it’s my husband’s teammates and there are all far too skint!)

Photo Credit – White Belt BJJ


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