January Catch-Up Part 2

Whilst I love writing articles for my readers sometimes other people say things just a little bit better than me! Or at least are better placed to say them! So here’s my round-up of the blog, stories and articles you might have missed of the last couple of weeks or I just think you might find useful!

Chael Sonnen Gets His Black Belt – Jiu Jitsu Times – Ex-UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen received his black belt a couple of weeks ago.
Responsible coaching at kids BJJ comps – Breaking Grips – Another blogger’s personal view on coaching at kids comps
Life will choke you out – The Bi-polar Lifestyle – An article about the role jiu-jitsu plays for an individual living with bipolar
Training with Anxiety – Jiu Jolie – A female perspective of anxiety attacks and the role BJJ plays in helping.
Grappling for Consent: Respecting the Tap – Holistic Budo – a new blog I’ve discovered with their own perspective on the importance of respecting the tap.

Gear Reviews
CTRL Tudo Branco – A1L Gi Detail – A photo blog focusing on a range of gis
Shoyoroll Batch #81 – A1L Gi Details – another review from the same blogger as above
Idee Pure Soap – Another review from the Old Munki archives but a great product from an awesome company that sponsor a range of local events and athletes.

From the Archives
Anyone who has regularly read my blog will know my hubby used to be a regular blogger (Old Munki). That site is now winding down so I thought I’d rescue some of my old guest posts. This week a guide to getting your very own gi checker (with the help of a 3D printer)

Technical Takeaway
This weekend I have a seminar with the talented Thomas Lisboa so it makes sense that my technical takeaway for the week features him!


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