February Catch-Up Part 1

Whilst I love writing articles for my readers sometimes other people say things just a little bit better than me! Or at least are better placed to say them! So here’s my round-up of the blog, stories and articles you might have missed of the last couple of weeks or I just think you might find useful!

How Leaders Should Lead – Princeton BJJ – A great little article regarding leaders and leadership style within BJJ.

Find Your Focus with Jiu Jitsu – GD Jiu Jitsu Academy – Whilst most of my readers probably know this its still nice to read another article and perspective on how BJJ can help you focus especially after a hectic day at work!

Training with Anxiety (part 2) – Jiu Jolie –  A follow up to Jolie’s previous article about her battles with anxiety and its relationship with BJJ

Jose Padilha to Helm BJJ Film For Netflix – Dark Horizons – Unless you have been off social media for the last week or so you have probably spotted the articles about a BJJ origin story on Netflixs.

Are “healthy” snacks actually good for you? – Vox.com – BJJ peeps love the latest food craze especially snacks that we can have on the go or simply that we can have at work without getting strange looks from co-workers. This article examines some of the latest options.

Random Information
Your Sweat will see you now – The New York Times – A bit random but an interesting article about the next generation of wearable technology and how analysing your sweat will be used for health and performance benefits.

From the Archives
Another transfer from the Old Munki blog this time tales from a very early Minion adventure to training at Marcelo Garcia’s in New York.

Gear Reviews
Pro Balm – another gear review rescued from the Old Munki Blog
93brand “Strasse” – Choke & Chill – This blog has a range of gears reviews on it including this latest offering.
Elite Sports BJJ Gi Review – Eat Train Lift – A review of the latest offering from Elite Sports (USA readers only at the moment)

Technical Takeaway
It no secret that I use this blog to support and promote women’s BJJ so this week a technical takeaway from one of my favourite female grapplers Shanti Abelha. If you have no idea who she is then I suggest you check out her profile on BJJ Heroes or her club Hive BJJ in Denmark.


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