Razorstorm Leggings Review

Razorstorm is a small independent clothing brand based in the North West of England. It’s not broadly advertised but has a cult following for its range of gym kit including very rude t-shirts. All items are bought from the workshop directly and the majority of the items are hand printed in the UK.

Now not only do they produce a range of squat and grappling friendly leggings but they also do seriously cool unicorn themed ones! So over the past few months, I picked up three pairs of their leggings to test out or simply because they’re cool!

img_3731The leggings I’ve acquired are two design variations of the unicorn death squad design family as well as some of their more standard purple coloured leggings. Two key things to say about these leggings :

  1. They’re all based off the same quad candy squat proof design so once you know what works and fits for you then your set. (it’s also why I’m reviewing them as a batch)
  2. Razorstorm designs are all pretty much all limited edition so if you snooze you may miss out on the pair you love.

Now for the technical bits – as I mentioned all the leggings are essentially the same sizing and technical make-up. All the designs are sublimated so no cracking or wearing off.  20190211_185931They are made from 80% polyamide and 20 elastane/spandex. All the seams are flatlock stitched and appear reinforced to handle some tough training. They also all have a drawstring within the waste. I’m not a big fan of drawstrings but these appear to be well made and the cord seems long enough so that it won’t randomly disappear as your pulling them on and off!

From a sizing perspective like many leggings on the market, I find they fit a little bit on the small side. I am a size 10 / 12 jean depending where I shop and compete as a female middleweight. However, I find the large leggings (for size 12 / 14) fit me best. In this respect, they are very similar fitting to other brands such as tatami.

In terms of performance, I don’t tend to do no-gi so these have been worn under my gi’s. img_3746I’ve found them great from grappling – the material is slightly thicker than a lot of spats which has been great over the winter. The designs hold up well when worn (i.e. they don’t overstretch making them looking odd) and the drawstring has held tight and kept in place. Washing wise I have thrown these into a cool wash with my gi’s and aired dried them. They’ve been great and have shown no signs of bobbling or excessive wear and tear.

Ultimately I’d really recommend Razorstorm leggings for any grappler who is after something a little bit different or that can be worn equally on the mats or in the gym. Their leggings retail at around £29 but there are often sale items and discounts if you sign up to their mailing list.

20190130_094553They also have great matching t-shirts, hoodies and bobble hats! Plus there a small local brand so what’s not to like! Check out their latest stock and range at Razorstorm.co.uk


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