Hyperfly Remix BJJ Gi

There are only so many gi’s a minion can own (as much as am loathed to say this!). But every so often my hubby goes on a gi buying spree so at least I can partially enjoy the new gi experience by doing a review for you all. His latest purchase was the Hyperfly Remix

remixAs I mentioned above my husband bought this gi so it is larger than my standard reviews (an A2L rather than my usual A1) but as we are both preparing for competition at the moment it’s gone through a similar level of wear and tear (plus I do most of the gi laundry anyway!).

In terms of design, the remix is one of the latest gi’s from Hyperfly. It has lots of subtle design features that give it a very modern feel but without it being too “bling” or in your face. It’s a plain black gi with black on black stitching making it very clean looking. Its plain design also means that is IBJJF competition legal but due to its weight, it may not be your first choice of competition gi. This is a bit of a tank of a gi weight in at our home scales as a full 2kg (4lbs).

20190327_171155-collageThe jacket is made from pearl weave. Specifically Hyperfly’s pearl wave plus which claims to be stronger than their Hyperlite gi but lighter weight wise to their premium offering.  There is a reinforced layer inside of the sleeve designed to aid with strong grip breaking. Again there is a strong but subtle branding with “You Can’t Teach Heart” printed on the inside, striped embroidery on the next and embroidery on both arms. There’s also all the features you’d expect on a high-quality gi including a compressed foam collar, reinforced seams and tape around the sleeves and skirt to prevent rough and scratchy edges. It also has rounded side cuts on the skirt to prevent the corner curling up but I’ll be honest I didn’t really notice that feature until I was drying the jacket.

20190327_171103-collageThe pants are made from 10oz drill cotton and again is black on black stitching. There is some embroidery on the right pant leg. As well as reinforced stitching there is also double knee padding for comfort. The pants are held up with a stretchy rope drawstring with a 6 loop system around the waist.

A bonus feature of this gi is that it comes with a very cute/nice tote bag. The bags are made out of a similar weave to the gi and have a strong metal zipper on the top. Additionally, the handles are made out of jacket lapels (so you can do grip training and shopping at the same time!). The bag is all black with the iconic “You Can’t Teach Heart” embroidery.

hyperfly remix bagSizing out the bag the gi did fit well and was wearable for my hubby to roll in. Although this did leave him some concerns regarding how it would shrink as although the jacket had some room for potential shrinkage my husband is a taller athlete (similarly to myself) which doesn’t leave much forgiveness for the gi pants to shrink.

So in terms of those all-important measurements:

Out of the Bag After 3 Washes
Body Length 83 cm 83 cm
Body Width 65 cm 63 cm
Wing Span 178 cm  172.5 cm
Sleeve Length 65 cm  63 cm
Cuff Width 18 cm   18 cm
Inside Leg 72 cm  70 cm
Outside Leg 101.5 cm  99 cm
Pant Width 23.5 cm  22.5 cm

*3 Washes = cold wash, tumble spin and air drying. For Gi Map click here.

As you can see from the measurements despite the gi being advertised as not being preshrunk we experienced very little shrinkage. Certainly not enough to be noticeable. This may in part be due to following the care advice or washing it cold and hanging it to dry. Potentially you may get more shrinkage from using a tumble dryer but this isn’t guaranteed so it is worth selecting your size carefully.

RemixBagProductShot2_800x.pngGenerally, the gi performed well and my husband found it comfortable to roll in. He had some doubt about the twill pans as he only usually only wears ripstop but he found the great to wear and not too warm. The pants gained additional brownie points due to the string tying system which really stayed in place and didn’t need re-tying all session. Finally, the rounded edges of the gi jacket were singled out for praise. Not so much from a rolling perspective but as one of those design features that people just notice. It definitely is gi that now has a place in his regular rotation and that he would buy again.

You can get hold of the Hyerfly Remix at a variety of stockist including Made4Fighters and it retails currently for around £145.



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