Easter Netflix and … (BJJ Style)

Every year I tend to do a post to help you get through the Easter Holidays. In the UK Easter Sunday is a bit like Xmas Day in that everything is generally shut but without the great gifts or festive TV. But instead of sharing technique videos I try to share any interesting documentaries or videos I’ve found related to BJJ. You can check out  20182017 and 2016 offerings or just dive straight into my latest suggestions. Enjoy!

Yoga for BJJ Sebastian Brosche Documentary – Sebastian recently had an amazing fight on Polaris 9 but is probably better known for his Yoga for BJJ website. This documentary follows him on an average (ish) day.


Brave New World – is a fictional film about how Jiu-Jitsu changes the life of one man.


Conor McGregor (2018 Documentary) – Not purely BJJ but a 35min documentary looking at the life story of UFC fighter Connor McGregor.


Josh Hinger – Attitude is Everything – Josh Hinger is an Atos Black Belt and this documentary is made by Stuart Cooper (who’s featured in my Easter blog before). In this video, Josh talks about the preparation, attitude and mindset to compete at the highest level. Perfect motivation to put down those Easter Eggs!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest selection of videos. Feel free to share any BJJ documentaries or programmes you’ve particularly enjoyed!



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