Get Active Nutrition – Protein Flapjacks

Regular readers will know that I tend not to do whole blog features on protein bars but also that I like promoting local small businesses. So in this case, I’ll make an exception. The protein supplement and snack market is a competitive business and only the best tasting snacks survive! So how do these treats stack up against my regular options?

20190703_084748Get Active Nutrition are a Greater Manchester based family company who started producing protein flapjacks after seeing the price, quality and taste of flapjacks on the market. Now full disclosure, the partner of one of the founders is a work colleague. This is how I found out about the company. When she found out about my addiction to protein bars and trying to pretzel people I was given a bunch of these bars for free in exchange for feedback and taste testing!

These flapjacks are available in five flavours (Lemon Drizzle, Jaffa Cake, Salted Caramel, Chocolate and Chocolate Caramel) and you can by either a box of a single flavour or a pick and mix option which also good for people who want to try them all or are just like a bit of variety!

20190703_085805A standard flapjack comes in at 60g (around 252 Kcals). One of my biggest challenges especially when cutting weight is that they’re simply too big to fit into my diet and calories for the day. This where there is an added bonus – you can also buy 100Kcal bars (25g). Perfect for a cup of tea in the office and solving those moments when you’re craving a treat. The treat bars fall into the magic three bite rule where you feel you’ve had a little treat and not been disappointed by it going in just two bites! Apparently that’s also a great size for children’s lunch boxes etc but I really don’t know about those things lol!

In terms of taste and texture I really just don’t know what to say because there just what you’d expect from a flapjack! These are moist, oatie and tasty! None of the flavours are bad but obviously everyone has their own personal preferences (mine are lemon drizzle and salted caramel). The makers have deliberately tried to keep the ingredient natural and what you would expect in a flapjack. The protein source is a mixture of milk whey protein, some soya protein and nuts. I’m a full on carnivore but looking at the ingredient list they seemed pretty vegetarian friendly.

20190705_160109These flapjacks provide around 15g of protein per 100g which isn’t as high as some of the product on the market but it is certainly better than a standard flapjack (around three times the amount). Similarly, these are high in sugar than some of their competitors. But a quick look at the ingredients shows that this is because they use less artificial sweeteners and setting agents. For some grapplers I know macros are everything but I personally think its a balancing act. Like many of the protein bars on the market – there not designed as a meal replacement but as a treat and a way to up your calories and these still fit the bill for me.

So last but not least how do they stack up regarding value for money and would I buy them again? Simply put yes! I’ll be honest I’ve fed back that I think they could charge a lot more for this product. They are an absolute bargain – a box of 10 full size flapjacks or 15 mini bars retail for £7.50 but currently they are on offer for the barging price of £5.50. You can buy them directly online and check them out on Instagram and facebook.


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