Hotel Room Hacks

If any of my readers follow my social media then they will know that I am currently travelling. I love staying in Airbnbs and apartments but sometimes hotels are just the most budget friendly and suitable option. Although nothing is ever perfect! Whether it’s travelling for holidays, training or competitions there is a range of tips and tricks that can help your stay be a little bit comfier.

Solve your plug situation
Packing the right adapter is the first part of this challenge, I
white adapter pluggedwork around this by the fact that we have a universal adapter so I don’t have the dilemma of which sort of plug to take. Secondly, don’t forget your phone charge cables – not just to charge your phone but also because lots of hotels now have USB charging stations in their room but if not lots of TV’s have USB points that can also act as chargers too. Freeing up your plug usage.

Finally, consider packing a small extension lead. As you only need one adapter it often provides you with four plus sockets without packing several adapters plus but it really helps to ensure that plugs are easily accessible i.e. not at the pack of bedroom cabinets or just the one buy the bed and none near the wardrobe mirror etc.

Don’t worry about speakers
Most grapplers never forget their headphones as there essential both on the flight and pre-competition. But speakers are just another thing to lug around. Most hotels come equipped with either a coffee mug, plastic and styrofoam cups, or an ice bucket. If you want to set the mood in your hotel room and TV music choices aren’t working for you then create your own speakers by setting your cell phone in a cup or ice bucket to amplify the sound. It’s not going to be the highest quality surround sound but it will do the trick whether you’re relaxing or getting ready in a morning.

Stay connected
blur cliff fingers grassFree Wi-Fi is an increasingly common hotel amenity, but some hotels still charge by the  hour and even by the device. Consider downloading the Foursquare app; sometimes previous guests will pop restaurant and room passwords in the reviews. It may also be worth checking your phone contract and data allowances as you can use your phone as a mobile hotspot. But check first as expensive roaming fees can often rule this out as an option!

Don’t always book a hotel with breakfast
Sometimes by booking breakfast, you can bag a free meal or a reduced cost hotel room but these occasions are increasingly rare. So double check your prices before clicking yes to a room with breakfast. Hotel breakfasts whilst often convenient tend not to be the best value for money – with cheaper alternatives usually available nearby. Saving those pennies for important things like gi’s, competition fees and post-competition treats! Also if you’re competing rather than just enjoying a holiday your probably pretty limited in terms of what you can eat on the buffet. In those cases, I often plan a DIY breakfast such as instant porridge, fruit or yoghurt (stored in an ice bucket, window ledge or sink if a fridge isn’t available)

Black-out your room
You’re having trouble sleeping and have forgotten your eye mask! One potential fix is to take one of the trouser hangers from the hotel closet and use this to clip the curtains together. If the curtains are particularly thin then request some extra towels and pop them over the curtain rail or secure with the hangers.

Make use of the free conditioner
bath ducks bathing bathroom bathtubIf you weren’t aware, hair conditioner can be used for far much more than just silky smooth hair and prevent you from having to dash to the shop! Conditioner can act as shaving cream (which is great for a pre-comp emergency)  but it can also be used as a make-up remover, cuticle cream and as a hand wash for delicate clothing items. 

Well I know this is a random blog but sometime BJJ travel isn’t all luxury, gold medals , top instruction and amazing food (especially post competition). You may never use some of them but other may change your life – or at least your next weekend away!

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