Hyperfly Hyperlyte 2.0 BJJ Gi

hyperlight tiffneyThe Hyperlyte 1.0 was my first ever competition gi. According to the promotional blurb, the 2.0 release is a significant update building on years of design and creation of high-performance gi’s. I’d love to say it was the blurb that persuaded me to buy it but the reality was that my husband was buying a new gi and the new colour-ways were so pretty (I went for White and Tiffany)!  So I bought myself a new competition and travel gi!

Sam Cook

Sam Cook

As mentioned above I bought this gi for two reasons. Firstly to be my spare competition gi (as it is IBJJF legal) and also as a travel-friendly gi because its pretty, plain weight and lightweight (less than 1.5kg). The jacket has very simple embroidery (a simple tiffany and white shield on the arm), Tiffany coloured tape at the bottom of the jacket and the “you can’t teach heart” slogan printed inside the lapel. It’s made from woven cotton with a standard foam collar and reinforced stitching in all the usual places to reinforce it. In particular, a 4-inch layer inside the sleeves to help you break those pesky grips! Meanwhile,  the pants are made from twill with similar embroidery and a nice stretch rope drawstring. The pants also have a set of wide loops for the drawstring that are designed to keep the drawstring in place and do make the pants look nicer.

In terms of those all-important measurements:

Out of the Bag After Training*
Body Length  81.5 cm 78  cm
Body Width 66 cm 59 cm
Wing Span 177 cm 152 cm
Sleeve Length 59 cm 53 cm
Cuff Width 17.5 cm 16.5 cm
Inside Leg 71 cm 69. 5 cm
Outside Leg 103.5 cm 102 cm
Pant Width 23.5 cm  23 cm

*This is after several washes and due to travelling at least 1 cycle in a tumble dryer. For Gi Map click here.

Hyperfly state that this is not a pre-shrunk gi so it should be washed cold and hung to dry which is something to bear in mind. It was something I managed for most of my care except one or two tumble dries whilst abroad. As you can see from the size chart the pants (which are normally the most noticeable shrinkage) handled things pretty well with only minimal shrinkage. However, the jacket did shrink a reasonable amount (which has been fine for me) but is something to consider when thinking about the size chart.  I’ve also got to add that the Hyperfly do sell the gi pants separately. This isn’t a mix and match offer but it does help your gi to last longer when you can replace the pants or if you’re unsure of the sizes!

Hyperlite at Fem Fights Sam cookI tested this gi in normal training but also over the female fighters camp (which saw me getting both thrown and pretzeled repeatedly in it) and my recent trip to Japan so it has had more thorough testing than average!

Overall the gi wears really well. It holds its shape and doesn’t seem to stretch or warm during tough rolling even when sweaty and your opponent has sleeve grips of steel! The hyperlyte-20-white-kimono-gi-do-or-die-213758_540xwide loops on the pants do a great job of keeping the drawstring in place and look great but they can be a little bit fiddly to re-thread. This happens a little bit more than you’d realise do you to at least one loop being pulled out when you take some very sweaty gi pants off. Although I do have one random performance point – I have found this gi to be a magnet for fluff! Now it may be due to the mats I’ve rolled on or the colourway my husband has a black version and he doesn’t have this problem). It just collects a lot of fluffy bits which means it doesn’t always look its best. It’s not a major problem as a good wash and clothes roller/brush does the trick but it is something I’ve noticed.

Sophie Cox throw hyperliteOverall this is a solid gi that continues to fit that travel/competition place in my collection. It’s lightweight and with a design that’s clean enough to use when visiting gyms or to patch away to your heart’s content. You can buy this gi either directly from the Hyperfly website (approx $140) or through any of their stockist for around £110 (although colour options may be limited).

NB – Since purchasing this gi Hyperfly posted the following on their website showing their commitment to customer services  –

Due to a recent, unexpected change by the IBJJF the inside “You Can’t Teach Heart” print on the lapel is no longer legal. So far only tournaments in Asia seem to be effected by this, we still had athletes compete in the US on September 21st with no issues.
As of today, there has been no update made to the IBJFF rule book, unfortunately this is out of our hands.
The design of the Hyperlyte was already updated and is in production, the new batches will be here in early November.
Please contact us at orders@hyperflybrand.com if you had any issues with your Hyperlyte at a tournament.

Photo Credit –  https://www.facebook.com/laurajenneyphotography/


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