Xmas Gifts for Grapplers 2019

Tomorrow is the first of December so it’s definitely time to start thinking about those Xmas lists and present. So its time for my annual blog to try and give you some ideas and inspiration (you can check out my last couple too if you’re really stuck from 2018 & 2017!).

yoga socksYoga Socks – Many people in the gym admire my socks for grappling. I find the extra grip from individuals toes combined with the yoga sock gripping is the ideal combination for drilling in the British Winter. You can get the very cheaply via sites like Wish (use code jpttjqy for up to 50% off) but if you want to ensure Xmas delivery then sites like Amazon may be a better option at short notice.

massage gunMassage Gun – You have two options here. Either purchasing the attachments for a power tool (effective, cheaper but definitely nosier) or really spoiling the grappler in your life by purchasing a purpose-made massage gun. I’ll be honest I bought this model early this year and really love it!

Ice Packs – Apologies for continuing the therapy theme (and I know it’s not a glamorous present) but we all know bruises, aches and sprains are a regular part of training. Your options can range from standard flexible bags right through to specialist compression cuffs from problematic areas like the knees.

Whoop-Strap-3.0-contents-3v2Whoop – Fitness Trackers are really popular at the moment but a lot of them simply can’t be worn during training. Whoop is different as is small enough to be worn comfortably during training via an armband helping you to collect a range of data about your training and recovery. Membership is on a monthly basis but you can also buy it as a gift.

Medal Frame / Display – I’ve mentioned medal rails in my posts before but now you can get a range of pre-made frames designed for larger medals. Ideal for displaying your BJJ bling so to speak!

Metal Water Bottle – I know it made the post last year too but they do wear out and as I posted earlier in the year hygiene is important! Plus it then an excuse to buy various cool BJJ related stickers to cover it in! (find sticker example).

bearfoot slidersSliders / Flip Flops – Not wearing shoes on the mat is an essential part of training. But its also not something we both about replace too often so you can always treat someone to a lovely new pair – your choices are endless from grappling brands such as Bearfoot through to Havaianas or comedy fish feet!

Tape – I wrote about finger tape and hand care a while back but let’s be honest it’s one of those things that grapplers always use a lot of and it makes a great stocking filler! As well as the brands listed in that blog new brands Scramble has also started to produce their own tape brand.

I hope you find this year’s article useful and get some inspiration to make your Xmas shopping less painful. Enjoy!

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