December Catch-Up Part 1

Whilst I love writing articles for my readers sometimes other people say things just a little bit better than me! Or at least are better placed to say them! So here’s my round-up of the blog, stories, and articles you might have missed of the last couple of weeks or I just think you might find useful!

Danaher Death Squad’s Game Analysis – BJJ Heroes– As the title implies an in-depth analysis of the squad and there key tactics and positions.

Women in BJJ: What It’s Like Being In A Male-Dominated Sport – Grappling Insider – Apologies for featuring two articles from the same blog but I couldn’t resist sharing this interview with Valerie Worthington.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your BJJ Drills – Grappling Insider– An article exploring how to maximize your drills and drilling time.

9 Essential Tips and Tricks for a BJJ White Belt – Jits Tycoon– An article covering some key tips and tricks for beginners.

Professional BJJ Athletes vs Recreational Practitioners – BJJ Spot – A blog exploring the different types of practitioners you can find on the mat.

5 Ways To Improve Your BJJ Hygiene – Jiu Jitsu Times – As the title implies ways to improve your hygiene before stepping on the mats.

Sometimes I regret being an Olympic Champion – Judo Insider – Although not BJJ related its often easy to think that winning the Olympics is almost a lifetime ticket to success. This article shows that unfortunately, it’s not.

Doping in BJJ: Steroid Abuse Cases in Grappling – BJJ Spot– A blog exploring a topic that’s creeping up time and time again in the sport.

From the Archives
The Importance of Sleep – Its Xmas party season and sometimes it all too easy to forget how important sleep is to your general wellbeing and of course your grappling!

Technical Takeaway
Nobody likes getting stuck in bad positions so this week looking at some of the main escape concepts that Fabio Gurgel believes that everyone should know.


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