The Coronavirus Blog

I usually do a month catch up blog about now but seeing as all the news is essentially about Coronavirus and the various resources available. So in no particular order…

Caio Terra Online – Free full access for 14 days (maybe longer), no credit card needed

BJJ Fanatics – Self Mastery: Solo BJJ Training Drills by John Danaher (Free)

BJJ Fanatics – Any Bernardo Faria instructional free with code FREEFARIA

Grapplearts / Stephan Kesting – One free BJJ instructional
Just email with the name of the instructional you want, whether you want it in online streaming or app form, and if you want it in app form whether you use iOS or android. (It might take a while for them to respond, emailed quite soon after this was announced and have not heard back.)o

Keenan Cornelius is streaming classes on YouTube

Digitsu are offering a certain number of instructional videos as special offers (free) 

Lachlan Giles posted this on Reddit recently, a stretching program for BJJ.

Felipe Costa – has a promo code CORONA, for his online site which is now free

Carpe Diem BJJ (London) – has just started a YouTube channel that is quickly filling with goodies. 

Combat Sports Clinic – Rubber Guard for Mortals (free)

Renzo gracie – is currently offering a 30 day free access to his online academy 

Superstar Judo – OK its not BJJ but you’ve still got to work those takedowns and they are offering over 300 technique videos for free at the moment. 

10th Planet Freaks – Are offering 2 months free access

Essential BJJ – Get 2 weeks free access to JT Torres academy with code ‘JIUJITSUSTRONG’

Free Triangle Course – bmac academy are offering a free online course to improve your triangle using code BMACFREE

Globetrotters in Action – I’ve posted about all the techniques videos on BJJ Globetrotters before but there still on YouTube and free.

Lift BJJ – A free lifting plan from

I’ve also blogged about BJJ documentaries in the past so you may also find these blogs of interest – 2019 Blog2018 Blog2017 Blog, 2016 Blog

Last but not least a little plug for a local business – keeping clean is particularly important at this time so if you do find yourself needing to buy some more soap please consider buying from Idee Pure (they are not sponsoring this post or blog I just want to support a local business. 


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