Useful Lockdown Training Apps

I’ve done posts in the past about some of the freebies available during lockdown as well as apps you can use to support your training. So with the current situation I thought it was time to share my suggestions of apps to help your training during the extended lockdown period.

BJJ Minion attempting various yoga posesYoga – your spoilt for choice here as a lot of instructors are live streaming classes. But you also have apps such as down dog (which had great content but I found the narration a little annoying) as a well as Yoga for Adrianne on YouTube. Personally I’ve stuck with Yoga for BJJ simply for the balance of yoga content, bjj practicality and for Sebastian unique style of wisdom over spirituality! If you use my affiliate link then you can get a 30 day free trial (and I’ll get a bonus trial myself).

Running – Running is also a crowded market on the apps view point. Strava is my run tracking app of choice as it simply tracks what I do really well. But zombies, run! is also great for motivation. Finally don’t dismiss the NHS couch to 5k app to give you a hand getting started and building up your mileage.

Fitness classes – I’ve not gone down the circuit route as a number of my online judo classes contain circuits in disguise. But I have consider the Nike Training App as its not only free but appears to have a great range of content. As well as Camp Fit as who can’t love free 80s style aerobics designed for cramped living rooms!

Technical content – I blog previously about technical resources at the moment but some mobile friendly ones include the Grapplers Guide,BJJ Fanatics, Digitsu and of course my hubby’s favourite Keenan Online!

person holding black ceramic pig coin bank

Money Saving – A long time ago I mentioned how I used money saving apps to support by BJJ training, Well with lockdown its great time to start using apps to help with your online shopping as well as other things! TopCashback has been part of my money saving for a number of years getting cash back online shopping and takeaways that I was buying anyway! I also use OnePulse for their quick payable apps,Shoppix to earn money from my shopping receipts and even Mistplay for whilst playing games on my phone!

Others – other apps that deserve a mention too are My Fitness Pal as part of the battle against the lockdown bulge. Also a tabeta timer is helpful when planning your own workouts. Marune which I’ve used to track my BJJ training now also has a fitness element that is also dead useful to keep track of anything you can do at the moment.

I hope you find some of these suggestions or apps useful. Feel free to let me know your favourite or any that I’ve missed!

Disclaimer – Yoga for BJJ, TopCashBack, Mistplay are all affiliate links which means I benefit from you signing up through them. But utalising these links will not cost you anything. 


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