July Catch-Up

I’ll be honest my blogging motivation has been lacking a bit during lockdown. Its bee rather hard to think up inspiring BJJ articles whilst away from the mats but that hasn’t stopped other people! So here’s my round-up of the blog, stories and articles you might have missed over the last few weeks or those that you may find useful!

Technique Vs. Strength: How To Use Your Body Type To Maximize Your Jiu Jitsu Potential – Legion Jiu Jitsu – An interest article about adapting your game for your body type.

Fatigue and Recovery Differences Between Men And Women During HIIT – Women Who Fight – Gender difference are sometimes an under researched part of sport science so I always like to share articles exploring the differences and adaptions needed. This one looks at HIIT and the finding may surprise (spoiler women recover faster!)

What’s Your Minimum Effective Dose of Exercise? – Fitness Pal – An article exploring the concept of the minimum effective dose (MED) of exercise

Does Powerlifting Improve Jiu-Jitsu Performance? – Bar Bend – As the title implies Brazilian jiu-jitsu and deadlifts are both fun ways to spend your time, but should you train them both?

Covid Related Articles
I’ve bunched these together as I am just really aware some people have just had enough reading about it – even if its BJJ themed!
Life in the Times of No Jiu Jitsu – A Skirt on the Mat – I’ve mentioned this blog a few times but it pretty sums up how a lot of people are feeling without being able to train (myself included)

Coronavirus could prove killer blow for martial arts – The Sun – The article isn’t purely BJJ but it was positive to see an article in a national UK newspaper about the impact on gyms and clubs at the moment.

How to Deal with Your Stress During the Pandemic When You Cannot Grapple? – Grappling Insider – There are a lot of “hints and tips” article around dealing with covid and the impact on training. This one focuses more on stress management rather than improving on the mat.

Outrageous Conspiracy Theory Suggests That My Rashguards Didn’t Shrink, I Just Gained Weight – Jiu Jitsu Times – A humourous look at some genuine covid related problems. The covid kilos!

Inclusivity in BJJ
Since my last post there has been a host of articles about inclusivity in BJJ particular in regards to sexism. This was triggered in part by further developments in Brazilian that saw De La Riva essentially cancelling mixed BJJ classes and removing women from the academy. This was following allegations I blogged about previously by Claudia Doval which you can hear yourself from this interview she gave (warning – its upsetting).

I am not going to share all of the articles on the topic except two specific interviews –

Technical Takeaway
BJJ Globetrotters took place in Iceland last week (which made me very jealous to watch on social media!). They post a lot of the seminars online so here’s a video of one of their previous camps


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