August Catch-Up Part 1

Whilst I love writing articles for my readers sometimes other people say things just a little bit better than me! Or at least are better placed to say them! So here’s my round-up of the blog, stories and articles you might have missed of the last couple of weeks or that I just think you might find useful!

General Articles
Planning Your Ideal Week To Balance Jiu Jitsu, Work, Family, School & Life – Keenan Online – regular readers may know I am a bit of a planner so I loved this article exploring how you can plan your week to balance your priorities on and off the mat.

Train Hard AND Train Smart! – Grapplearts – An article looking at preparation and how you may need to plan slightly more than you may realise.

Deliberate Practice and Why We Should Stop Saying the Word Talent – Evan Bishop – A blog exploring that success isn’t all about talent.

I Am Your Rest Round – Girls in Gis – Exploring the idea of being someone’s rest round and why its not automatically an insult.

COVID and BJJ Article (in case you want to skip them!)
Opinion: Why I Won’t Be Returning To BJJ When Academies Re-Open – Bjjee – An opinion piece look at the harsh reality that not everyone will be rushing back to the mat for various reasons including health and family.

Broader Grappling
Inside Helen Maroulis’s Grueling Struggle to Overcome Brain Trauma and Return for the Tokyo Olympics – – Not BJJ but an interesting piece about the effect concussion had on her life and Olympic wrestling career.

Belinda Petty- The Times This week I read the obituary of an incredible women. Belinda was a trail blazer in women’s judo and women’s sport overall when in 1981 she won the right for females to referee male matches and competition. As a female referee I wanted to make sure it was mentioned as without her I wouldn’t have had the chance to do what I have.

Japan’s women still fighting for equality in judo – The Japanese Times – I came across this article researching Belinda’s career and impact. It showed how trail blazing Kano was in some respects but also how female equality in sport is still a challenge both for athletes and coach. Also how in sport (especially elite sport) abuses of power and position still take place.

These Expert Martial Artists Tried to Recreate Finishing Moves from ‘Street Fighter’ – Men’s Health – And for a bit of fun I found this article of martial arts trying to replicate the moves from Street Fighter the computer game!

BJJ Kit and Clothing
Roll Supreme Rashguard Review – The Jiu Jitsu Blog – As the title says a review of one of Roll Supreme men’s rash guards

Technical Takeaway
Omoplata are one of the few submissions I was able to drill during lockdown due to space and size difference etc (except the roll through) so this week I am sharing this great little breakdown from Carpe Diem in London


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