Isami Beborn BJJ Gi

Sam Cook & Dominyka Obelenyte

I do like buying gi’s whilst I am on holiday or travelling. This is for a number of reasons including being able to try gi’s on and avoid online delivery problems but mainly to pick something that’s hard or difficult to get in the UK. So when I visited Tokyo I couldn’t resist buying a gi. Hence this review of the Isami Beborn gi. Apologies for it being a little bit late but I really didn’t feel like reviewing it whist in lockdown / off the mats!

The Isami Reborn gi isn’t one of the latest gi’s in the market and has been superseded by the Isami Scratch but I’ll be honest I bought the gi I like the most in the store and that was the Isami. The gi available in White, Blue, Black and Navy colors but this review focus on the black version. The gi is suitable for IBJJF events (as long as you don’t buy the navy one!) as is Isami’s first uniform featuring pants made of ripstop fabric. Although the gi is designed in Japan it is produced in Pakistan but for the Japanese market. This means that it still came with an expectation that it would be a high-quality piece of kit!

Close Up Pics of the Reborn PantsThe gi jacket is made of cotton with ripstop reinforced cuffs, collar, and slits. The result is a Jiu-Jitsu kimono that is ultra-resistant to tearing and ripping. Whilst the pants are made of lighter ripstop material. There are contrast stitch lines and matching embroideries on the shoulders, stomach, and pants.

The gi was available in a full range of adult sizing but I went for the A1 option after comparing the size chart but also trying it on in-store. Out of the bag, the gi fitted incredibly well. I was able to wear straight away after receiving it as a Xmas present from my hubby (as we all gis are the best type of present!) and had a great roll at the Xmas day open mat but felt comfortable that the jacket could shrink a little bit without causing any serious problems with the fit.

In terms of those all-important measurements:

Out of the Bag After 3 Washes
Body Length 71.5 cm 70.5 cm
Body Width 56 cm 53.5 cm
Wing Span 162 cm  161 cm
Sleeve Length 54 cm 53 cm
Cuff Width 15.5 cm 15 cm
Inside Leg 69 cm 68 cm
Outside Leg 95.5 cm  95 cm
Pant Width 20.5 cm  20 cm

*3 Washes = cold wash, tumble spin and air drying. For Gi Map click here.

Close Up Details of Reborn Gi JacketThe website very honestly states a shrinkage of around 3-4% in terms of pant or sleeve length. I’ll be honest whilst that was accurate for the width of the jacket I found it shrunk slightly less than that in the length on the pants which is something I am putting down to the weave of the jacket versus the ripstop pants. The shrinkage has worked great for me leaving me with a gi that’s fits really well and is definitely competition legal in terms of length etc.

I’ve been really surprised at how well this gi had performed.  As I bought it in Japan (with Duty Free Shopping) it definitely is the most expensive gi that I own as I picked it up for less than £100 but its really good. I managed to get several sessions in before lockdown hit and it quickly has become one of my favourites. It’s very comfortable with the balance of being light enough for great rolling but still robust enough to make those grips easier to break and take the wear and tear! I am seriously considering this as my new competition gi.

Black Isami Reborn Gi PictureIsami have a reputation of producing high quality kit and equipment and this gi definitely confirms that. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to buy another gi from them if I get the opportunity. That being said it may take me a while as there isn’t that many stockists outside of Japan and shipping and import taxes do start to make it challenging. But hey any excuse for another holiday to Japan!

Getting hold of this gi won’t be easy but you can get one shipped to Europe or the US via Chokesports. The UK price including shipping is around £155 or $200.


2 thoughts on “Isami Beborn BJJ Gi

  1. I love Isami stuff. That Gi looks dope too. Last time I was in Japan I went to the Isami shop in Shinjuku and got this great Rashguard. The quality was awesome and do you think I’ve been able to find another one since.

    How have you found this Gi held up since you got it?


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