Xmas Gifts for Grapplers 2020

It’s Black Friday in a few days and December is around the corner so it’s definitely time to start thinking about those Xmas lists and present. As we are currently in Lockdown in the UK (and we’re not sure what will happen in December) for this years annual blog of gift inspiration I am sticking to online offering (especially from BJJ peeps!). But if you’re really stuck you can check out my previous years blogs too!

Opening the Closed Guard – This book by Black Belt Robert Drysdale has been all over social media. The documentary that accompanies this is due to be released and it covers the linage and history of BJJ. The book contains the story behind the documentary as well as interviews, research articles as well as the Drysdale’s own take on the current state of BJJ.

Yoga for BJJ – I wrote about Yoga for BJJ during lockdown and I am still using the site. Since the initial version of the app there has been a lot more content added including live classes, ask me anything’s and a new podcast. It is definitely worth buying someone as a gift (and if you use the link on my blog you get a month free and a reduced rate after that!)

BJJ 2021 Calendar – This is a beautiful calendar on Etsy by UK BJJ practitioner. Each pages has original artwork on it so you can say goodbye to 2020 in style!

Bits and Bobs by Betty B – is better know to me as a lovely UK BJJ purple belt but she also makes some great pendants which are simply beautiful and perfect for when your off the mats!

Lapel City – A recent clothing range by a couple of globetrotting BJJ practitioner offering minimalistic designs whether your want to show your love the lapels, wrist locks or simply wearing your mouthguard! practitioner

Idee Pure – I’ve featured this company a lot in the past because of the fabulous soap range but they do also offer a range of clothing. I am particularly a fan of their hoodies as I find zipped hoodies so much better post training to get back on! Oh and I did I mention its also run by a lovely local purple belt? 🙂

Ben Sulston is known in the UK as being a BJJ chef and does some delicious food down south. Now not everyone can get his food delivered but you can get his e-recipe book featuring a ton of recipes from his days training in Brazil.

BJJ Instructionals – I wasn’t going to suggest instructionals as there very much a matter of personal taste but I do want to highlight two platforms that feature more European and UK Talent. Techniqly and The Grappple Club. They both have some great content on them and are a way of supporting athletes that haven’t been able to compete / do seminars as much as they would usually.

I hope you’ve found my suggestions useful but if you know of any local BJJ businesses I’ve missed just holla and share them! 🙂

NB – All Amazon links are affiliate links but there is no additional cost to yourself 🙂


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