The Gentle Art of Travel Documentary

Me and Hubby at the BJJ Globetrotter Premier

In my blog about the recent BJJ Globetrotters Iceland Camp I mentioned that one of the main experiences of the camp was attending the first World Premier of the “Gentle Art of Travel” Documentary. Well its now available for free via YouTube so it’s time to write a quick blog about it!

Now if you did read my Iceland blog you’ll already know that I though it was excellent so this is a slight bias review so rather than a strict review I thought I’d pull together three reasons why I think you should bother watching it.

BJJ Globetrotter Book Cover

Firstly, If you have been around BJJ you have probably heard about The BJJ Globetrotters book (which is well worth a read and recommended in an earlier blog!) which outlines the early years of Christian’s BJJ adventure how everything started with the globetrotters camp and movement. This film picks up the story both in terms of Christian’s personal motivations and thoughts so obviously if you’ve enjoyed the book you’ll enjoy this as a cinematic follow-up!

Secondly, It’s a genuine insight of the BJJ Globetrotters Camps. If you’ve never attended a camp before the film is really a good behind the scenes look at the different camps over the year giving you a glimpse of the format and the vibes. Literally a great opportunity to scope out the camps if your wondering whether to go and if there for you. (Spoiler – there is a camp literally for everyone!)

BJJ Minion enjoying Iceland Camp

Last but not least, its just good fun – Watching this documentary wont necessarily improve your BJJ but its just a great feel good film. Its a great remind of all the things that make this sport great – The best elements – that it can be welcoming, inclusive and simply doesn’t take it’s self too seriously. A reminder of when travel allows it enable us to meet and make friendships around the globe simply by a fist bump and trying to choke each other in a friendly way!



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