November Catch-Up Part 2

Whilst I love writing articles for my readers sometimes other people say things just a little bit better than me! Or at least are better placed to say them! So here’s my round-up of the blog, stories, and articles you might have missed of the last couple of weeks or I just think you might find useful! Continue reading “November Catch-Up Part 2”

Hyperfly Hyperlyte 2.0 BJJ Gi

hyperlight tiffneyThe Hyperlyte 1.0 was my first ever competition gi. According to the promotional blurb, the 2.0 release is a significant update building on years of design and creation of high-performance gi’s. I’d love to say it was the blurb that persuaded me to buy it but the reality was that my husband was buying a new gi and the new colour-ways were so pretty (I went for White and Tiffany)!  So I bought myself a new competition and travel gi!

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