How Training in the Cold Affects Your BJJ

Winter is truly upon us and although the UK is currently having a pretty mild winter it’s not unusual for the weather to be in minus figures during the Winter. Including a record low of -22C in the area that I live in (although that was in the 1940s)! So although our gyms try their hardest to keep us warm I thought it was time to do a quick blog on how it affects your grappling and how to counteract it. Continue reading “How Training in the Cold Affects Your BJJ”

Things I’ve Learnt on Route to Purple Belt…

So the day after my 40th Birthday I became a BJJ Purple Belt. Now I’ve seen loads of articles offering advice to Blue Belts covering everything from things they should / shouldn’t worry about, why they quit and why they don’t, as well as everything in between! Now as someone who was a blue belt for over 4 1/2 years I felt I had something to add to the conversation but it felt unauthentic to do it until I’d survived! So here goes here’s a blog some of the things I’ve learnt/ realised /observed at Blue Belt! Continue reading “Things I’ve Learnt on Route to Purple Belt…”