Reusable Water Bottles – Cleaning 101

Reusable water bottles are big business now. People use them for all sorts of reasons including to save money, to save the planet or just to keep hydrated when stuck at their desk or as part of their regular gym kit. They are rapidly part of everyday life. But are you cleaning and taking care of your water bottle properly or does it get randomly left in your bag, on your desk or in your car? Continue reading “Reusable Water Bottles – Cleaning 101”


IBJJF Masters International Championships – Europe 2019

The Masters International Championships Europe is now a couple of years old and regular readers will know that I have competed in every edition. This years event marked a year since my last time stepping up onto the mats and taking a break from competition. So it was definitely time to dust myself off and step up again! Plus I am currently at the very top end of my age group so I felt it was a good idea to say goodbye to Master 2 properly! Continue reading “IBJJF Masters International Championships – Europe 2019”