Hyperfly Remix BJJ Gi

There are only so many gi’s a minion can own (as much as am loathed to say this!). But every so often my hubby goes on a gi buying spree so at least I can partially enjoy the new gi experience by doing a review for you all. His latest purchase was the Hyperfly Remix

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Razorstorm Leggings Review

Razorstorm is a small independent clothing brand based in the North West of England. It’s not broadly advertised but has a cult following for its range of gym kit including very rude t-shirts. All items are bought from the workshop directly and the majority of the items are hand printed in the UK.

Now not only do they produce a range of squat and grappling friendly leggings but they also do seriously cool unicorn themed ones! So over the past few months, I picked up three pairs of their leggings to test out or simply because they’re cool! Continue reading “Razorstorm Leggings Review”