Xmas Gifts for Grapplers 2019

Tomorrow is the first of December so it’s definitely time to start thinking about those Xmas lists and present. So its time for my annual blog to try and give you some ideas and inspiration (you can check out my last couple too if you’re really stuck from 2018 & 2017!).

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Hyperfly Hyperlyte 2.0 BJJ Gi

hyperlight tiffneyThe Hyperlyte 1.0 was my first ever competition gi. According to the promotional blurb, the 2.0 release is a significant update building on years of design and creation of high-performance gi’s. I’d love to say it was the blurb that persuaded me to buy it but the reality was that my husband was buying a new gi and the new colour-ways were so pretty (I went for White and Tiffany)!  So I bought myself a new competition and travel gi!

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