Gr1ps The Italian Gi Review

We all know that I am a bit of gi addict and what better reason to buy a new gi than getting back into BJJ competition! I have several Gr1ps gi’s already including the Ara and the Arte Suave so it made sense to consider the Italian as my new competition gi. So this is how it performed….

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Funky Gums Mouthguards Review

Obviously, BJJ is a grappling sport so the aim isn’t to hit or get hit in the head,  But accidents do happen and a mouthguard can help prevent both injury and an expensive trip to the dentist. I’ve always worn a mouthguard, partly because I transitioned from Muay Thai so it just been something I’ve always done. However, mine is now over ten years old so I thought it was about time I treated myself to a new one. However, I know that boil and bites don’t work well for me so I thought I’d try Funky Gums and a custom made option (plus hubby was ordering one anyway!) Continue reading “Funky Gums Mouthguards Review”