Everything Else

Scramble 3-Way Mitsu Holdall – A great kits bag for training or competition

compressionBJJ Globetrotters Travel Compression Bag – A great piece of kit for your BJJ adventures.

factory app

Apps to help your BJJ Training– Apps that might help your progress on the mat.



Graze & Early Bird Boxes Reviewed – Healthy snack options for office bound (and beyond) minions!


flow jitsu 3D Cover

Flow Jitsu – A BJJ instructional by black belt Mike Bidswell.


Cornerman’s Defence Rub – A UK based product designed to protect you skin infections and general mat lurgie!



R Bars – A UK based Protein Bar that’s rather delicious.




minion drying with towel Bath Time Favourites – A mixture or female friendly products to help combat those sweaty gym germs!



Bad Girl GlovesBad Girl Gloves and Shin Guard – This was a guest review for the Part Time Grappler Liam Wandi who wanted to borrow my Thai boxing skills. You can check the review out here