Female Gi Companies

As part of my most recent blog on buying female gi’s I though it was useful to provide a resource of Female Gi Companies. I don’t claim this to be an exhaustive list so feel free to get in touch if I have missed anyone!

Please note unless they have produced a specific female gi they’re not listed as otherwise it would just be a list of companies! But obviously male gi’s can also look and fit fabulously (especially for taller females)!

Because I’m UK based I have focused on providing companies that ship to the UK and providing the links to their UK or European shops where possible. Additionally I’ve highlighted companies that offer a mix and match option as I’ve found one of the biggest challenges for female gis is getting tops and bottoms that fit. Several companies have cottoned on to this and offer mix and match so you can get the best off the peg fit that you can.

Obviously feel free to check out my gi review section for further inspiration or information!

Company Notes Mix and Match
Tatami Fight Wear Probably the biggest UK range of female gi’s. Not Currently but Tatami have said in the past that there are plans to introduce it.
Rainha Fightwear A female focused UK company. Currently they are the only British company to offer this for female gi’s
Progress A UK based company that has just brought out their first female cut gi. No
 Kingz I actually wear their men’s gi for competition but they do have a women’s range too. No
War Tribe Gear  A female friendly company from the US that does very pretty gi’s. Only available in the UK via Amazon. Not in Europe mix and match is only available in the USA.
Atama Not had the pleasure of owning one of these yet but they are a well established brand. No
Gr1ps Athletics Quite possibly my favourite female fitting gi that I currently own.  However check online including Amazon and search stockists for the best deals. No
Gameness Not a company I have tried but a longstanding company. No
Storm Kimonos I love their designed but found their fit to be more of the shorter / curvier grappler. As with many brands do an internet search for the best prices and shipping. No
Fuji I’ve linked to their UK stockist but they have a bigger range in the US. No
Bull Terrier My team mate loves these as a brand but shipping may make these an expensive female option. No
Vulkan Not a brand I’ve tried but a good range of sizes available. Again check for alternative UK stockists. No
93 Brand I’ve had to link to their US store as their UK store doesn’t current stock female gis. No
Killer Bee Gi I have one of their mix and match gi’s and it is a tank but fit really well. Although shipping and import added to the price Yes
Fenom Kimonos If your in your Europe you will need to import these which adds to the price but my team mates love them! Yes
Rios Gear A Scandinavian based gi company. I’ve not seen one of these in flesh but they do offer a female cut gi No
Megam Jiu Jitsu An Australian based company that only makes female gi’s. They definitely have a couple of designs I’d love to get hold of! No
Braus Another Australian firms offering a range of female gi’s. No
Da Firma Kimono Company A US based company that although they don’t offer mix and match they do offer a range of sizes include long and short variations. No
Okami Ok so there only female offering is bright pink so I’m not convinced re their commitment to the female market but it exists so I’ve added it! No