Gi Reviews

Gr1ps Woman – Primero Competition Gi – The latest competition edit of this stylish gi.

Hyperfly Hyperlyte 2.0 BJJ Gi– Lightweight and great for travel or competition

Gr1ps The Italian Gi Review– A sturdy practical and reliable gi

Hyperfly Remix BJJ Gi – Stylish and possibly the best gi bag I’ve ever seen!

Gr1ps Arte Suave II Review– An update on one of my fav gis

Female Fighters Gear Review – A review of the female fighters gi

Gr1ps Armadura Gi Review – A guest review from my hubby

Gr1ps Ara Women’s Gi – Pretty and practical in one gi package!

Valor Prime 2.0 Gi – A great all-round gi for training or competition.

Valor Fightwear – Shori 450 Judo Gi – A great value judo gi legal for most Judo competitions and ideal for the BJJ competitor who likes to work their takedowns!

GR1PS Primero Evo Gi – A great lightweight IBJJF legal Gi

War Tribe Finesse Gi Review – Lightweight, Grey and very pretty!

Gr1ps Athletics Arte Suave BJJ Gi Review – Lightweight, unique and stylish

Shoyoroll #43 MAGIKimono Review – Not just a tank of a gi but virtually a work of art!

Kingz Lightweight 4.0 Gi – I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to test this solid competition gi from Kingz

The Sanabul Essentials Gi – a review of the most recent addition to my gi rotation

Tatami Nova Basic Gi– I was lucky enough to be asked by Tatami to test out their Nova Basic Gi as part of a customer research project.