Easter Netflix and … (BJJ Style)

Every year I tend to do a post to help you get through the Easter Holidays and stay entertained. This year it feels a little bit more important than usual! I’ve already shared a host of BJJ related resources that are currently free so I’ll try to keep to my tradition of sharing any interesting documentaries or videos I’ve found related to BJJ. You can check out 2016, 2017,2018 and 2019 offerings or just dive straight into my latest suggestions. Enjoy! Continue reading “Easter Netflix and … (BJJ Style)”

Hand Care for BJJ – Revisted

baby-yoda-my-hand-after-washing-it-4765-times-in-one-dayA couple of years ago I did a blog about hand care and BJJ. It mainly focused on finger taping and protecting your hands whilst rolling but with the state of our hands with repeated washing at the moment it makes sense to revisit it from a hand care perspective. After all the last thing we need is our hands being shredded to bits for when we finally get to feel that collar choke or spider guard in live rolling again! Continue reading “Hand Care for BJJ – Revisted”