Isami Beborn BJJ Gi

Sam Cook & Dominyka Obelenyte

I do like buying gi’s whilst I am on holiday or travelling. This is for a number of reasons including being able to try gi’s on and avoid online delivery problems but mainly to pick something that’s hard or difficult to get in the UK. So when I visited Tokyo I couldn’t resist buying a gi. Hence this review of the Isami Beborn gi. Apologies for it being a little bit late but I really didn’t feel like reviewing it whist in lockdown / off the mats!

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Valor Valente Gi Review

At the start of lockdown I got a lovely email from Valor Fightwear asking me if I would like to review one of their BJJ gi’s. I have previous reviewed their Prime 2.0 and found it a great gi both in the gym and on my travels so I was delighted to help out. So this is the gi that has helped me train through lockdown! Continue reading “Valor Valente Gi Review”